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[ ] shoes net recently, Chinese fashion light luxury shoes brands Oren Castle (OLUNPO) in the headquarters of Hongkong released in 2014 autumn and winter, simple design and low-key luxury style amazing. A total of over 100 exquisite men's leather shoes were displayed at the conference, including three series: "daily leisure", "Shi Shangchao shoes" and "business leather shoes". The "Air cushion" shoes series, this year will undoubtedly become particularly eye-catching a beautiful scenery line, the design of the two is a powerful and unconstrained style related elements together, is likely to be caused by a lot of tide. will appear on the classic carved shoes sports shoes in all air sports and fashion, the real "combine", this is really good but Different people, different views. sports shoes and casual shoes, integration is the trend in recent years, such as Cole Haan have a lot of good. The , Oren were exhibited by Bullock Fort wind, Italian technology, hand stitching and other classic retro elements for British style series of theme design, fashion series of metal and jungle camouflage as the core, to the human concept of arch as a source of inspiration and massage series with embossed brush color as the theme of the light luxury series. Each series in Retro jordans for sale the overall style focus on material collocation at the same time, also made extensive use of new technology and new techniques in different environments to meet consumer needs and development, and the international fashion elements, not only can satisfy the consumer comfort and professional needs, the demand of the occasions, style, style and other aspects can meet the consumer in the choice of products. In the use of materials, the European fort is very elegant, even the most common lace, but also through a special processing, so that it is full of gorgeous texture. The top material, exquisite design and a variety of fresh and beautiful combination of color, the achievement of the current fort. director Oren Bao said that the industry to pick up the atmosphere is getting stronger, after the reform and innovation of the Orem fort is ready for a new round of growth cycle. "The future of men's brand competition in the market will tend to product segments and personalized demand, Oren Fort confidence through specialized and differentiated products, to create Chinese men's brand leader. purchase click click Fort Tmall flagship store (Global shoes network editor Takeshi)The North Face for a few days, although not as good as the other joint as big h Cheap foamposites for sale ype, but The North and Vans Face in the outdoor sports industry influence in skateboarding, street is no doubt. The joint is also a collection of the advantages of both Vans and Vault: a joint regional high-end positioning, street fashion; Sk8-Hi, Desert and Chukka so popular shoes. Professional technology in the field of outdoor current season and need The North Face, so the shoe body in addition to taking into account the trend, the streets are organic energy. Today we once again bring the joint of other details on the atlas, which The North Face x Vans? Vault series of shoes and jackets have appearance, more beautiful, for appreciation. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogJack & Jones released new winter models to build a smart sportsman at the end of the year with the arrival of the end of the year, big and small parties and parties are coming. As we all know, at the end of the year means more than a year of harvest and summary of each report at the same time with the boss, with every dinner customers, every time the old friends or new friends invited carnival, are invisible to nurture a new opportunity of every kind of next year. Do you feel a little me jordans on sale online lancholy when you open the wardrobe door in the face of a formal and informal social arrangement? Looking at the old woman lying in the closet, did you meet the top problem for the white-collar worker? What do you eat at noon?" My sister - - "what should I wear today?" Always let the urban men respected Jack & the Jones will not stand idly at this moment, we bring in 2012 new winter a superb collection of beautiful things for everyone at the same time, will also be taught how to play all sorts of men design inspiration this season contained in products, such as the yuppie style, mosaic art, and even the king lines etc.. In addition, Jack & Jones has always selected exquisite fabrics and fashion colors, this season's new winter and fall will allow you to easily respond to various occasions, for the perfect ending of 2012! in the " elite character" both the boss and the customer must have the most meetings with them at the end of the year. Jack &: Jones secretly told you, whether you meet in the office, conference room, coffee shop, or high-end restaurant, exquisite and low-key, is absolutely a magic weapon. Both let you think you are very professional but not steal the show, Jack & Jones emphasizes the taste and style of clothing focus on details, exquisit Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e design and high-grade material embodied in the texture at the same time can create believable elite image. Luxury is not out of the question. This winter, Jack, &, and Jones are creating affordable big brands for you. splicing positive heat year will be done, please old customers to have a cup of coffee together, talk about what the two sides of the year are win-win, what will happen next year is a required course?. Such occasions too formal dress, will let customers see you on the heart of fear, and silently whisper, a year has ended, but also to negotiate with me? This time you need a very wide double breasted coat, as well as appropriate, but not so stiff. Matric Wool Coat is essential to every business man coat closet, clean cut and highlight the atmosphere demeanor, warm of thick wool fabric is extremely strong, handsome style did not forget to keep warm. The key is, will make the overall temperament stitching cortex cuff your legislation was extraordinary, full of vitality: a combination of leather and wool coat to add a lot of interesting places, wool materials added high quality leather slightly rich luster, also more prominent visual texture, from the details in the high-end clothing and workmanship of your fine taste. 〉Adidas recently cheap foamposites announced in New York, known as the history of basketball's lightest new shoes " adizero Crazy Light". Just 278 grams of adizoro Crazy Light not only changed the history of basketball, but also changed the brand competing to light the rules of the game, compared to the closest competing brand shoes can greatly reduce the weight of more than 15%, but also in the history of the first double break threshold 10 ounces (about 283 grams) basketball shoes. Light weight adizero Crazy Light will help enhance the performance of basketball players on the field [network] wearable technology development, not only the life, health, sports, more can be applied to the military field, following introduction to this product is wearable technology used in military fields is a good example of lightning protection shoes - SaveOneLife. many interesting inventions, behind a story background, SaveOneLife is no exception. The background of the story took place in 1990s, and Columbia was the country with the highest casualty statistics except landmines in afghanistan. because of the long civil war in Columbia, in addition to the city, the revolutionary army buried a lot of mine traps in the jungle and the suburbs to protect their base. But some unfortunate soldie buy cheap jordans online rs and civilians who strayed into the jungle died on landmine traps. According to statistics, since 1990s, landmines have caused more than 10000 casualties, which not only in essence damage, but also brought great fear to the public. in this case, mine clearance is the easiest and intuitive solution. But the war is not over, and there are wars everywhere in the world, so we think about whether there are other solutions that allow soldiers and civilians to be protected from landmines. The , Lemur Studio, a design company in the capital of Columbia, put forward an innovative concept, they put the coil printed on a thin conductive material placed on the sole, generate electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic field generated by detecting the surrounding other large metal, then as long as any mines, appear in the detection range shoes, will produce a signal is transmitted to a bracelet, tell the user to be careful or change direction. The name of the concept of products is SaveOneLife, meaning a clear expression of "save life" idea, this product also has been nominated for many awards for design. The main object of the SaveOneLife products for the army, for the army, it is a relatively inexpensive solution, of course, weeding the workers and farmers may through the minefield of people, while the Lemur Studio is able to raise the funds needed for the production of product development. from the innovation of our products can be found in some special areas (military), for some special targets (Bi Lei), and the specific object, can be produced by some special but practical concept, it also brings the infinite imagination of wearable devices. (global shoe network sunny editor) 12 month 28 days, is full of Wuhan ceremony, completion, East Lake green road reconstruction of Zhongshan Avenue open street, Metro Line 6 officially opened, Xiongchu Avenue BRT officially put into operation, the airport subway line opened... High streets and back lanes are bursting with happiness. however, these two days, Xiao Bian's circle of friends has been the place to brush the screen street and Zhongshan Avenue opened with regression Cade new public park, the two day, or with expectations, or memory, or curious Wuhan to here. saw: the most ceremonial opening Street celebration, 28 day also prepared a micro dream cake free delivery, a door is to celebrate the sense of ceremony. go further inside, already crowded with everyone, everyone from the crowd. The theatrical festival brings people back to the excitement of the big stage at once. would pinch the clown of the balloon to attract the bears to stop, Xiao Bian wanted a Transformers, and was refused mercilessly by clown brother. heard: the most cross-border green orange Festival becomes the new public park to create a green orange culture special inter dimensional music the meeting of wind and clouds. a two dimensional "adorable girl" 6 big strength band detonated atmosphere, show the most individual, unique youth music. The Voice of China popular student Liang Junnuo airborne scene, bright throat singing hi. meets: the chic market of Wuhan craftsmen floor atrium and two floor terrace distribution market is Wuhan tide spit, crafts people's paradise, even wacky retro exquisite glutton snacks. Stores will also tell you intimate story of goods, unlike selling, more like a friend made a friend. : initial Hugo workshops and meal time zone is a new species of people crossing the border, and one is a new food area. No one was disappointed by the expectations of all sides. 1919 meal time zone has been known for a long time, finally see the true face of Mount Lu, brought together more than 30 special delicacy Qi opened, is part of a king meal eat delicacy street. "you missed it all," , you need an upgrade to comfort me! - - - - 50 percent off: eat delicacy minus eat - - - - two days ago to join the small fun, even if the first day of the opening no discount, or was the scene of queuing surprise. opened the first day of the platoon long carbon at log open design style and creative jewelry ornaments, style full of fun, the most important is the main beef frog shrimp and charcoal Yuanyang pot, pro test! Knock seven! chic chandelier design, the boss said that this is his pro autotrophic fish pass through Han Feng's Chongqing hotpot - at , I heard the waiters are pretty handsome guys, MAX , bite down! this fitness red color Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Gym Red" will be officially released on June 28th. Not only by the first year of this pair of loyal to the design, Air Jordan 1 " Gym Red" the vamp is also quite texture, leather and suede spliced shoes, bright red with pure white, the overall effect is quite eye-catching. This item: 555088-601. Will Air Jordan Future Low be your first choice for summer shoes? The compact design plus breathable mesh material will not let you down, ~! look! Low fashion is still the most fashionable fashion. Air Jordan Future Low color: Blue / White / black release date: April 24, 2015 number: 718948-400

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