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although Zhan did not lead the Cavaliers to win the title, so we failed to see the LeBron series this year, but Nike still launched a new color for its series of shoes. LeBron 12, Low, "Remix" is the first appearance! With the contrast of high color rendering, can become a summer Jieshu weapon? Nike LeBron 12 Low color: Black / silver / Green / red number: 724557-003 release date: July 2nd offer price: $170 : Nike today releases the latest technology in the field of professional soccer: Nike The Nike Hypervenom. This is based on a Neymar, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and other players feedback and suggestions at the launch of the Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping new football boots. The players made it clear that they needed an offensive weapon that could quickly create attack space in the area around the box and complete shots from any angle. The players talked about the increasing agility of their opponents, who believe that the current defender is as quick, agile and technically superior as many of the world's leading forwards. Neymar's feedback was most immediate: "I need a pair of sneakers that will help me to create space more frequently and quickly.". I need it to improve my flexibility so that I can finish shooting before I get stuck in my opponent's pack." Nike football shoes category vice president Phil Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ? Mccartney (Phil McCartney) said, "Neymar's opinion is critical.". Previously, he had been wearing assassin nine generation (Mercurial Vapor IX), the shoe can help players find a space and insight into the enemy, is a pure speed type products. The poison front focuses on creating space and putting the ball into the goal. This slight difference is especially important, and the poison front focuses on improving the player's flexibility and shooting ability." The football category by Nike design director Denis (Denis Dekovic) - Deke's design team led by observing the attack process today in the game to design. "The game is changing," de Covici said. Before, cheap jordans online speed was the focus of the attacking side of the game. But now every player is very fast. The birth of poison front is a response to this change. The forwards want to get faster, not just because they run faster, but also means that the ball is handled faster in a confined space. They want to use their own inherent flexibility in the tight box found attacking space, and create the opportunities that exist to fight against a faster and more flexible defenders' poison shoes front "is designed for this purpose." "The special talent and creative performance of these strikers showed the fans great admiration. Both fans, teammates and opponents know that these cheap jordan shoes for men players can create the biggest threat. The challenge we face is how to meet their needs and provide the best products that can exploit their strengths." The design team believes the new product must be a revolutionary innovation in the way shoes are made. Mccartney said: "in general, a new shoes will focus on improving the comfort, vamp, shoe soles and nails configuration. "Poison Feng" shoes in the above aspects of the use of a new solution. When we communicate with players, we understand that the only solution is to create a brand new product." De Covici added: "poison Feng's vamp uses a new NIKESKIN system. NIKESKIN uses flexible mesh surface material Retro jordans for sale combined with polyurethane film, and then joins Nike ACC Technology (All Conditions C〉)before that, the melon Anthony trading turmoil undoubtedly brings a lot of questions and speculation, these news has become NBA headlines, now Jordan brand began to consider the Nuggets signings players. Anthony and Paul are watching developments in 2011, and you can expect their performance this weekend. They will be in the Western Conference all star Jordan wearing his signature brand boots, the two pairs of shoes are officially on sale day begins at midnight tonight, this is not to be missed in the western style all star boots. Nike LeBron 9 has always been a cheap jordans for sale mens custom brand pursued classic shoes, this time the custom big name Mache Custom again launched Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite" taxi " customized new products. This shoe is still present in the main body of the color black and yellow color, but with different versions of this section is in the bottom, tongue and toe on a black and white grid design, black lace is put on the white white laces, highlighting the shoes fresh feeling. 2012-8-12 08:42 upload and download attachments (316.78 KB) before the first wave of 09 Nike Air Footscape HF jointly launched by Teng Yuan Hao TZ sold overseas, Nike official website recently announced the second wave of new color. T cheap foamposites his wave color includes chili red and obsidian black, and the other configurations are the same as before. Askew shoelaces still trend out, the two colors in the near future will be listed in the global Tier Zero class monopoly. before this silver Nike Lil 'Penny Posite, the body of the shoe from ivory white and silver metal reflective coating 3M, black tongue and crystal bottom collocation. Red and black lace knitting details very texture collocation. It is reported that this pair of new color of the Nike Lil 'Penny Posite will soon officially listed, No: 630999-100. ; As soon as mentioned the market, it was believed t Cheap air jordans for sale hat the word "market segmentation" was the four word. Market segmentation is the market marketing to explore market opportunities, develop new markets and find a new business method is very important and effective, according to the purchase characteristics and behavior of people will be divided into different target customers, so the market segments adopt customized marketing strategies to meet their unique needs in order to obtain a good market effect. for the footwear industry, consumer demand is characterized by shoe market segmentation market basis. With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people have m Retro jordans for sale ore and more requirements on the foot of this pair of small shoes, and enterprises due to their constraints, can not provide to meet all the needs of products and services to the market. In order to carry out effective competition, shoes enterprises must subdivide the market to win the competitive advantage. in the shoe market, shoes market competition is the most intense, the same phenomenon is relatively serious, so for the management of brand enterprises, on the basis of market segmentation and differentiated competitive advantage is particularly important. Therefore, shoes enterprises should make the footwear products to high-quality, personalized a cheap jordans for sale nd professional direction. A good lady brand should have a unique product advantage in order to achieve the final victory of the market. And here I have to mention is Grace shoes from Guangzhou Grace Trade Development Co., ltd.. Grace has the most professional R & D center, always pays attention to the industry information and studies the international trends. In the quarterly release before, Grace will be sent to Italy, France and other R & D personnel exchanges of visits, get the latest popular information, and with domestic and international fashion elements in different parts of the aesthetic habits of the combination of the development of a unique style, fashionable products. From the latest fabrics to choose the styles of the last type and even various types of shoes, Grace the perfect combination of fashion and art in East and West, imaginative, complete interpretation of the beautiful and shocking tension shoes. "superior products, excellence, excellence."." This is the quality advantage of Grace ladies' shoes. From the purchase of raw materials to the control of the production line, from the design of shoe styles to the inspection of finished shoes, each link has been completed under strict supervision. Grace quality strict and careful checks, to ensure the good quality of Grace, so that eventually reached franchisees and consumers in the hands of every pair of Grace shoes as perfect as art. most worth mentioning is that Grace has a special marketing center and an excellent marketing team, is committed to brand culture, market development, brand maintenance and customer service. In addition, Grace also in accordance with the needs of market segmentation, the style of women's shoes were accurate positioning. Business fashion shoes, casual shoes, shoes for young girls, as well as the classic dinner shoes, these shoes series style fully meet the consumer demand for female shoe wearing occasions. 〉 and Nike Solarsoft Rache Woven Premium is not strange, before the launch of a new black brown and white color, this time once again to bring a new gray / orange / red color products, this shoe body with gray / orange / red colour weave design background, and collocation of decorative materials in dark grey suede shoes body connection heel shoes and body design with simple gray / orange / red elastic band, maybe this design can bring a lot of convenience for some lazy people, turning it into a tidal drag to wear. White Solarsoft foam sole makes the whole color more fresh, overflowing and light enjoyment. New products are now available in Concepts, and friends who like you can pay attention to it.

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