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in front of the White / Black / yellow color Nike Kobe 8 Elite PE is likely to be originally as Kobe Bryant to create the PE playoff, because before the commercially available color only "super hero" and "black / gold" in two, so the White / Black / yellow color will not last. 2012-6-21 08:01 upload download attachment (71.86, KB) has previously reported Nike Air Max Ambassador cheap jordans for sale 5 will be at the end of this year and next spring started offering information, while the Nike Air Max Ambassador 5 Nike Point 5 Ambassador version will be released in the spring of next year, Nike Ambassador Point 5 the overall use of leather uppers to the end use of the sole Air Sole shock, at the end of the a large area of herringbone lines, priced at 649 yuan. 2012-6-21 08:01 cheap jordans online upload and download attachments (81.18 KB) 2012-6-21 08:01 upload and download attachments (71.4 KB) black mesh fabric collocation Royal Blue Patent Leather / heel / midsole and outsole ring, with blue / pink and white decorative details in this section, the new Jordan 6 Rings GS will be officially on this weekend Nike recently exposed a sneaker that has kept the Sneaker co Retro jordans for sale mmunity waiting for years, Nike Skyposite. if you want to ask this shoe really is so important, just think about super classic shoes, Nike Zoom Foamposite One can understand. Quick "spray" Foamposite One appearance in advance, Juegan class, absolutely is the milepost type basketball shoes. However, the sole drawback of this shoe is the weight, as a result of molding materials and m Cheap air jordans for sale ulti-layer air cushion configuration, resulting in relatively heavy shoes, shape is also slightly cumbersome. The Skyposite looks like Kevin Durant's signature shoes Nike KD1, relative to a lot of light, in addition, from the picture and name, shoe should be the use of the Foamposite technology, the black version also uses a similar Air Jordan 2K9 joined the Anthracite concept, is th Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e science and technology of a new generation of Nike basketball shoes. ; pictures related to this topic are as follows: f3108c3e9b71b98120f9bd83105f1fa7.jpgAir Max Bizness can be seen with another pair of the same surname "B" style - Blazer with details of the reference color processing lines and a shoe body will make people feel that retro and technology with huge Google, low-key i cheap jordan shoes for men s not easy to make a mistake of the deep blue, and the inner lining cloth is used, need a shoe through math class, PE classes, classes, and low-key weekend hiking can consider this. New Balance has issued a formal announcement that they will soon join the skateboard shoes market, now New Balance has promised to immediately launch "CT891" as the first type of shoes shoes, we can see f cheap jordans for sale mens rom the first chart, "CT891" is similar to the Koston 1 Lunar insoles, is also a thick insole will bring better skateboard experience? We wait and see. In addition, "CT891" also with this year's hot Penny Skateboard cooperation, the introduction of skateboards, skateboards shoes sets, but the actual sale details, we still leave to the official announcement of the official message is Retro jordans for sale more accurate. 2012-12-23 08:29 upload and download attachments (185.86 KB) 2012-12-23 08:29 upload download attachment (180.61, KB) 2012-12-23 08:29 upload download attachment (167.79, KB) 2012-12-23 08:29 upload download attachment (178.09, KB) 2012-12-23 08:30 upload download attachment (184.16, KB) 2012-12-23 08:30 upload download attachment (203.31, KB) adidas Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Originals this time in the spring of 2012 launched a new shoes " Sixtus Leather Hightop" a glance. In a high cylinder design style, with the top black leather, outline the texture, atmosphere, plus ankle suede materials, etc., so that the black Department of calm more add a little design. This single item can be purchased at size, and the price is 80 yuan per pound. 2012-4-18 07:5 cheap foamposites 9 upload and download the attachment (859.43 KB) eBay always appear from time to time some had not seen PE shoes, but it really is a little known, probably the biggest reason is that everyone on this pair of PE shoes master does not have much impression. Harold Miner (Harold Minor). How many people know the name? This is called "Baby Jordan" man has a beautiful future, beat Shaquille O'neal and Christian Laettner have won the best college player of the year honors, has signed a $about 7000000 contract with the Miami heat rookie team, and once Nike signed a nearly $14 million contract. He broke the University of Southern California scoring record, and that in addition to wearing Jersey No. 23, there are many places like Jordan, the man once considered after Jordan a wave of Qian Shu like a star of the future. At present, this embroidery "32" Air Jordan X PE, Miner shows Nike's great expectations and attention. Although he didn't score as much as Jordan, he also won two NBA dunks, just like Jordan. When Jordan retired 93 years ago, the door of history was opened to Miner and prepared to write its future achievements into history. Unfortunately, because of 96 years of knee surgery, Miner has been plagued by injuries, and finally choose to retire. After retirement, Miner disappeared like basketball from the basketball world until an interview two years ago brought him back to the audience. But how many people really remember the man? Now Miner embroidery "32" Air PE is Jordan X eBay for sale, two shoes toe with autograph.

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