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Nike Sportswear Vac Tech Pack is the most eye-catching topic in the second half of this year, a series of new works. The upper body design for the call, respectively, with the old sense of Grunge leather, leather, wool, bright Nubuck suede and even a wool mixed leather which apply in the classic style Air Force 1 Low, Air Force 1 Hi Air, Max 90, Dunk Hi, is hard to forget the new topic. A series of Nike Sportswear Vac Tech Pack will continue to Benjili global publication, you can see thousands of fans of shoes. Nike and a number of well-known a cheap foamposites rtists jointly launched the Nike One 1WORLD program, this time to find the famous make-up artist, USLU designed this pair of Air Force shoes. SLU, as a famous make-up artist, has a line of her own cosmetics. She has worked with several famous fashion brands, and this time combines fashion and sports to design the Air Force One 1WORLD. The whole pair of shoes is made of silver gray with white swoosh and white midsole. It's very refreshing and clean. But this pair of shoes on the details of the deal, the white lace mixed with pink spots used to make Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping up, Velcro and buckles are marked with unique patterns on behalf of USLU. The lining of the shoe is made of woolen material and matches the high uppers. It must feel warmer in winter. These shoes will be on sale at Wood, Wood, Berlin and other European authorized stores in April 11, 2009. pictures related to this topic are as follows: 133.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 220.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 320.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 419.jpgleather shoes, a shoe with Chinese trad cheap jordans for sale mens itional culture. China's leather shoes market is also developing at an unprecedented high speed. Wenzhou as the domestic shoe production base, bringing together a large number of leather shoes enterprises. To AOKANG, red dragonfly, the most famous yelikon. for the ever-changing market, leather shoes are still in the stage of rapid development, which has a certain potential for many domestic leather shoes enterprises. Of course, many domestic shoe manufacturers, operating a variety of ways, for enterprises to Chinese, is also a very challenging f cheap jordans for sale ield of risk, the slightest mistake could no echo. the traditional way of operation and publicity may not be suitable for all leather shoes enterprises. Therefore, how to spread international marketing in the domestic leather shoes enterprises is the most troublesome problem for the big shoe enterprises. I suggest that leather shoes enterprises can achieve brand marketing through three aspects: determine brand positioning is an enterprise to go steady, there must be a clear product positioning, if Wenzhou shoes go by the chicken is never o cheap jordan shoes for men ut of their own brand. shoes as a product, there are thousands on thousands of brands, that is why only a few people learn? This is the need to determine an enterprise product market position, which is given a certain product characteristics, establish a certain image, to meet consumer needs and preferences of A. , for example, like the teacher said that the Ipad, if the brand is not Ipad, and become Ipc, so people generally feel that Ipc is a copycat products, this is the product of the market image, because of a tablet computer Apple Corp des Retro jordans for sale igned the product, its price, quality, characteristics, and Applications the appearance and structure, is to create their own Apple Corp, no matter how other companies are not imitation, let people remember the name Ipc, and can only remember the brand of Ipad. so, the product market image is the most important. then the brand image is how to reflect it? You need to make the product market positioning, there are a lot of international product market positioning method, such as the origin location, class location, location, location and other c Retro jordans for sale haracteristics of use, such as locating me, Wenzhou AOKANG shoes, then, my international image is the product of Wenzhou AOKANG. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to go steady, it must make sure the product positioning. formulation of international market competition strategy planning this is the urgency of the new situation for the competitive strategy of enterprises, because the trends in the international market are always changing, and we should always master any changes that have occurred in the international market. : following earlier cheap jordans online announcement of the new YEEZY BOOST 750 will be officially released on October 15th, Adidas Originals this time to bring this "Light Brown" color of the official picture. As the Kanye West YEEZY BOOST 750 proud masterpiece, each a new color will cause great repercussions, presumably this double "Light Brown" is no exception, the shoe body with brown suede made, and equipped with the same color bottom echo uppers, let the overall temperament more mature, and also before the hot "Light" color Grey with the different approaches but equally satisfacto Cheap air jordans for sale ry results. At present, users can choose their own size through Adidas Originals Confirmed app, but wait until October 12th for reservations. Want it, move it, ~!Dwyane Wade Jordan Brand team since joining after a shoe with quite a lot of double PE, this year Michael Jordan Wade Air Jordan appointed as 2010 top star endorsement task, thus Wade inherited from Air Jordan. The design in this new open Air Jordan 2010 by Wade Miami home court color, white / red / black people can not help but think of the glorious history of the past. The Chicago bulls Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping and insole with " W3LCOME HOME" the words, is to let Wade have a special significance. The glory of carrying Air Jordan 2010 " W3lcome Home" there is no exact limit offering news, please pay attention to the future more follow-up reports. , the lightest basketball shoe ever, Adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2, once again exposed a unique "graffiti" color new product. As Adidas's new team of top shoes Crazy Light 2 equipped with a brand new technology, light blue sprint web upper material and lining are joined with black graffiti design, under the black heel joined the bright yellow orange three bar decoration, black sprintframe support system the shoes for many fans are no longer strange, after the rubber outsole on black and orange, more prominent highlights, the existing sample shoes a size 9 in eBay on the dballaholic auction, love friends can look at. 2012-11-5 14:44 upload and download attachments (329.93 KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:44 (331.93, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:44 (350.52, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:44 (460.08, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:44 (490.17, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:44 (311.31, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:45 (305.48, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:45 (423.01, KB) 2012-11-5 upload and download attachments at 14:45 (694.89, KB) Video Music Box estimates that we're not very familiar with it. It's a household name for the old beauty. Video Music Box is the world's first TV show to play hip-hop music videos. In order to like its founder McDaniel tribute, the Kent was designed by DJ or Clark. The world's limited 25 pairs were photographed at $more than 600 in EBAY. Able friends can go and have a look. download (98.49, KB) download (88.75 KB) download (91.19 KB) download (87.21 KB) download (78.04 KB) besides Destro, Alpholution Supreme, inspired by Cobra Commander characters, is also exquisite. In addition to the same color, faux snakeskin vamp plus tongue huge LOGO explains that this is the cobra camp. The product information is as follows: Style: 383561-401 〉 Red

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