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Nike, Zoom, Kobe, IV (4) two new color matching modes, white / purple and black / yellow lateral NIKE-LOGO is similar to Nike hyperdunk because of the impact of ankle height on the ankle, NIKE usually top class stars will not be used as signature , but KOBE wants to get rid of the ankle restraints through shoes and let himself run more quickly and cope with the game This is expected in the spring of 2009: download (54.19 KB)2008-7-30-Nike Zoom Kobe Timberland Earthkeepers earth Guardian series new listing, Timberland Earthkeepers earth Guardian series new listing weather gradually into late autumn, a trace cheap jordans for sale of coolness hit, let a person can not help but a little bit of courage out of the outdoors. As you may know, the outdoors in late autumn are full of charm and are waiting for your enthusiastic participation. Timberland, an internationally renowned outdoor leisure brand, has been encouraging everyone to walk outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature. To this end, Timberland launched "to continue to explore new themes from", select equipment of fine men and women popular anthology season, to provide the best advice for your outdoor collocation in late autumn. The series adhering to the craftsmanship of Timber cheap foamposites land as in the past, can not only meet the demand of the outdoor cold resist, and has always been based on the concept of Green Guardian of the earth, so that environmental awareness into the hearts of every consumer. Plus this month is full of winter atmosphere of the main color carbon hemp ash, metal blue and hemp ash, but also reflects the Timberland in fashion, performance, and green three aspects of continuous exploration, and seek the spirit of a breakthrough. if you are on the world is full of curiosity, hope to explore the wider world; if you want to unlock the shackles of reality, to pursue a broader level; if you w cheap jordans online ant to experience the earth's subtle, to breathe the fresh air, the Timberland series of equipment so the new building will accompany you to start unforgettable the journey of exploration. Wear comfortable, reliable Timberland equipment and enjoy the outdoors! When the warm sunshine to the earth, standing height to look into the distance, the whole world will be you in my arms. Leave the dreary office, take your equipment, put on your adventure clothes, and explore the outdoors. The unknown future awaits you! carrying technology to explore the earth (left) men -Earthkeepers, Heritage, Hiker (right) lady, -Earthkeepers, Grey Retro jordans for sale lock, Tall, Waterproof, Boot gradually decreased as the temperature, we will soon enter the whisper of wind in November, warm and dry equipment performance more and more worthy of attention and outdoor enthusiasts, adventure, is ultimately a pair of very antiskid performance and comfort of the shoes. This series Timberland launched a new Earthkeepers guardian of earth, equipped with high-tech, multiple performance experience comfortable touch and high quality, make your outdoor tour a tiger with wings added. Always adhere to the concept of environmental protection, so that you enjoy the exploration time while not forgetting t Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping o make a contribution to environmental protection. The new Timberland men's Earthkeepers Heritage Hiker series, its waterproof structure ensures that in any recommendationalthough the brand itself disputes constantly, but the popularity of Cole Haan still high. Recently, Cole Haan introduced four different color matching LunarGrand Chukka shoes for the fall winter season. Suede fabric shoes with bright colors, jumping fluorescent color, Lunarlon cushioning material, the bottom is still the continuation of Cole Haan has always been a unique style. It is reported that each shoe price of $300, interested friends can pay attention Cheap air jordans for sale to. 2012-10-22 16:04 upload and download attachments (115.96 KB) 2012-10-22 upload and download attachments at 16:04 (118.82, KB) found an interesting thing on Jason Kidd at the start of the 2011~2012 season. That's when the Mavericks started, and they found him wearing NIKE shoes. He has been wearing China's PEAK for years, but when he helped Dallas win the championship, NIKE decided to bring him back to the NIKE team. In fact, he was one of the AJ team members at his peak and wore the Air Jordan Retro Player Exclusives during the contract period. In these unforgettable years, the most beautiful is this pair of sh cheap jordan shoes for men oes should be Air Jordan XII white navy blue color. The name of Kidd and the assassination in New Jersey's jersey number on the upper ~ you can now see Kidd wearing NIKE shoes such as Uptempo V or Zoom Brave series of shoes. But will he be anxious to wear his own AJ? 2011-12-31 16:30 upload and download attachments (110.64 KB) 2011-12-31 16:31 upload and download attachments (101.78 KB) 2011-12-31 16:31 upload and download attachments (131.37 KB) 2011-12-31 16:31 upload and download attachments (122.36 KB) 2011-12-31 16:31 upload and download attachments (128.27 KB) Following the spy photos, Air Jordan 10 finally cheap jordans for sale mens exposed the "Shanghai" special edition of the real. The upper part of the overall black show, rather mysterious, and the upper "HAI" word clearly demonstrates the identity. blue and purple are plated on the leather section of the shoes, and show them in a very creative way! AJ10 series rare city "Shanghai" ah, you will start to consider a double? Asian day group S.H.E, one year after the common shot gather in Taipei, Daphne 2012 large image. This film is not only the first to Selina S.H.E and new bright after the reunion, at the same time, Daphne unveiled the brand new new page. The new Daphne S.H.E, as Retro jordans for sale experience metamorphosis, blooming warm and charming light. The in the Daphne advertising blockbusters shooting, in order to create a meaning, S.H.E changed the elegant dress collocation and Daphne shoes, as dawn rose exudes a charming atmosphere. Immersed in the happy wedding in Selina the other is dressed in white, wash away the shy girl, behavior between contains gentle and generous, let people feel warm smile. Hebe and Ella compared to other and previous breakthrough: Hebe dressed in colorful sexy skirt jump rotation deduction Daphne "bloom" mood; Ella in women's dresses, become a gentle lady, amazing !After three expe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping rienced more experience in their life and career, get more growth transformation, the perfect interpretation of the Daphne "in our brand theme.". Talked about this season's theme of "we in bloom, S.H.E also has its own unique understanding, only after experiencing the ups and downs of life, can precipitate accumulated inner strength, shine a more mature beauty. S.H.E reunion at the same time, the Daphne brand re opened, also launched a new brand theme -- "Women in bloom, we are in bloom". Around the new theme, Daphne will be fully upgraded to provide more friendly shoes for charming beauty. After Daphne turned gorgeous, with market positioning more accurate, more comfortable and fashion product design more perfect product line, to meet the more fashionable women's needs. Daphne interpretation of every living in the contemporary female beauty, her love life, gentle and generous personality, positive and optimistic; she is always smiling, with its unique natural beauty temperament infected everyone around, let you feel warm. And she together of the time is always so happy! Every woman is a flower in early puberty, waiting for Daphne to create their own blooming moment for her. Select the Daphne, choose your perfect bloom !After in February 15th when the first hand NIKEiD Air Force 1 Trailer to regain the shoes news, although the silence for a while people were disappointed, but now I see the official website of the official figure, and at the same time and make available options jelly ice bottom section of the shoe off, exciting ten foot NIKEiD release complete sincerity! Can be seen, high and low cylinder design cylinder respectively, color and texture are also quite rich, can create a very different personality Air Force 1 shoes. Interested friends may wish to refer to. Before to bring Air Jordan X " will be engraved in Chicago; " the color of the Sample spy, and today I will introduce to you is the Air Jordan X Retro the relevant information available. And before the exposure of the Sample is not the same, the final version was canceled on the Sample in the upper " 23" words, black bottom loyal to the first year, and other features of Sample as before, white black uppers, red outsole, Black Plaid lining. The first year version was listed in February 1995, and in 2012, this " Chicago " color is about to be struck again. It is reported that the United States on 2012 January 21st, Air Jordan X Retro " Chicago " will land Eastbay, and is not limited to goods, everyone can buy, priced at $160.

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