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NSW BHM2013 new 2013-12-08 22:57:02 shelves in the NBA arena yesterday we saw the BHM series of basketball shoes, but you will have to look forward to other series of BHM, Nike Air Force 1 High Foamposite, Nike Air Force Downtown Nike WMNS Dunk 1 and High Sky in this series, these unique color inspiration comes from BHM. Retail store shelves in Nike, don't miss this major release of NSW, love friends can go and see. to 2017 Adidas Originals years, decided on the original version of EQT the spirit of making tribute and challe Cheap air jordans for sale nge, it will be the one and only green, converted to the other end of the color on the color wheel, the iconic TURBO RED red came into being, it will be with fluorescent color mixing, in any environment can highlight three, to create a new version of EQT SUPPORT 93/17, EQT SUPPORT ADV EQT and RACING 91. EQT SUPPORT 93/17 EQT equipped with the iconic braid stripes, three pixel pattern knitted shoe, EQT SUPPORT iconic red TPU material support design and with three stripes logo; BOOST in the end, is Adidas Origi cheap jordans for sale nals classical tradition, present the best design for. EQT SUPPORT ADV is the same with EQT iconic braid stripes, three pixel pattern elastic knitted vamp, with three stripes logo in the bottom, socks and red reflective type structure design. Looking back on history, facing the future, new look of retro style shoes. As for EQT RACING 91 remodeling classic, 90 age marked popular symbols, reproduce today.Since CBA started, there are a lot of topics around sneakers. In this regard, the CBA league only designated sports equi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping pment sponsor Li Ning Co yesterday responded, sports resources products department senior manager Jane Jie said, regardless of technology or quality, Lining shoes without any problems, the need for customized shoe players, Li Ning Co will send a special team of personalized services whenever and wherever possible and with one in the end, the players need to meet. time is tight, task is heavy, according to Jane Jie introduction, Li Ning Co took over the CBA project time is more tense, this is an objective fact. But preparations cheap jordan shoes for men have already begun before the two sides sign the contract. From May this year, the Li Ning Co prepared 7 shoes for CBA, which is 3 in the fourth quarter of 2012 seasonal products, the remaining 4 alternative shoes have sponsored NBA star or NBL League, is the test of a lot of shoes with. began in July, Li Ning Co conducted a large-scale product testing, visited the CBA 17 detachment, to collect players' shape characteristics, foot data. Since many national players were preparing for the Olympics or training for the national youth Retro jordans for sale team, the first round of data collection failed to cover them. After that, Li Ning Co began to do more detailed work, including clothing, shoes and accessories, and made meticulous preparations in every respect. In this regard, Jane Jie admitted: "this time left to Lining is indeed very short, the overall workload of the 17 teams is very large, arrange them to try on is a tedious and complex work."." Lining sponsorship basketball products for many years, from the shoes themselves, the technical quality is no problem. Last season cheap foamposites , the CBA League had a list of 18 injured players who were allowed to wear shoes they thought were comfortable. Of these 18, 3 were retired this year, one became a franchise player, and 13 of the remaining 14 were wearing Lining brand sneakers, which did not reflect any discomfort. "We feel this is progress. We have not received any complaints from other players, including the club, except for a few players who have been penalized." Jane said. needs custom on demand has 7 shoe types for players to choose from, but that's not en Retro jordans for sale ough. The foot shape of the player is very complicated and everything should be based on the comfort he wears. Twice punished Zhejiang player Ding Jinhui because the foot had suffered serious injuries. He once complained in micro-blog: "like my foot seriously injured players can not adapt to the sponsor's shoes, this does not make fun of my body!"." is currently the league players need to customize the shoes of more than 20 people, accounting for 10% of the total number of players, the Li Ning Co team of specialized organizations Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping always focus on the use of the players, to find problems, to be recorded with photos, video and other means, and then solve. Make custom shoes for the player's speed has been very fast, making up half a month can be tailor-made for a foot player last and custom made shoes and sent to him by.Reebok fall 08 -PUMP series / honeycomb series: Orange / yellow, white / blue, black / blue gradient high quality leather, retro design, compatible with basketball, usually dressed in download (60.53 KB)〈br 2008-8-23-reeb cheap jordans online ok="" 08="" new="" fall〈br="" 2008-8-23="" 00:41 download (58.52 KB)〈br 2008-8-23-reebok="" 08="" new="" fall〈br="" 2008-8-23="" 00:41Adidas Ultra Boost new color is now available for sale at 2015-12-03 11:19:18 adidas Ultra Boost absolutely can be regarded as the most popular brand shoe money, and its easy to set property is activated in our wardrobe many clothes. Today, the network once again released a new color, the overall white to build, followed by plastic support using silver embellishment, so that the cheap jordans for sale mens color will not be monotonous. Finally, with the iconic Boost outsole, the comfort is self-evident. It is reported that the shoes have now taken the lead in the sale of some shops abroad, the country may also need to wait for some time. Air Jordan 12 GS "Dynamic Pink" new beauty appreciation 2016-01-26 13:48:45 although the ticket has made people feel bad, but the dual Air Jordan 12 GS "Dynamic Pink" is still affecting our hearts. Pink color, it is difficult to refuse, oh, the early emergence of it, has booked our purse. Although the shoes will be postponed until March 5th to meet with us, but since it has been waiting for so long, we are not afraid to wait for some time. The shoes price is $140, the number of 510815-109 friends will be love, don't miss it. The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight, will be in the next week in the global release, the surrounding effect set off are also considerable, now want to introduce, is a combination of classic canvas shoes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star to create the Batman shoes, printed on special Batman designs, and letter of QR core hide the price of $59 dollars, you can also be the dark knight. Batman Dark Knight joint shoes Reebok Kamikaze series dating back to 1996, when the "Rainman" Shawn Kamp in Kamikaze II in the all star game played on the limelight, the same year the Kamp also played their occupation career peak data. Kamikaze II uses a number of alternative comparison color, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. A few years ago, Reebok rolled out a pair of plain basketball shoes using the Pump Kamikaze 2K10. It was a departure from tradition. This summer, Reebok launched the Kamikaze III is a success, and continued the Kamikaze series of lines of tradition. Today is to bring this shoe new color, silver collocation red Hexalite honeycomb, let Reebok find the year of ambition, although not all the technology, there is no name filled with all kinds of gimmicks, but this design is full of strength at some time can better reflect the male sense of conquest, see Kamikaze III, always let us far Kamp reminds me of the scene Pippen Yan buckle.

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