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By the end of 2014, the big heat Nike KD 7 EXT seemed to disappear after the new year. recently, the Nike KD 7 EXT has been unveiled with a whole new look. The shoes are presented in flower patterns, and they are made of white large bottom. The overall gorgeous feeling is full. Whether it reminds you of the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One of the same flower elements? reported that it would be available for sale in the near future at $200. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:Chininio_] America's street skateboard brand Vans extension Vans Classics launched the latest 2013 spring and summer series "Animal Print Pack", including Authentic, Old Skool and Chukka, the design of the shoe body into a tiger, leopard, zebra, snakeskin pattern and other animal patterns, and use bright colors to make it more eye-catching effect. how long will it take Asics GT-Cool to get it? But if it cheap foamposites gets the support of the Asics HQ and gets extra leverage to go ahead of the listing, then we don't have to be surprised. In short, it should be fast. The shoes are made of blue, orange and white. The three colors are very light and simple. At the same time, the shoes of this year are hot and retro. held in February 2015 NBA all star game is about to begin, the major sports brand gradually for its signings to create boots. Under Armour Steph Curry has been created the all star Curry One, the upper camouflage pattern, and with purple and dark blue fluorescent light, fluorescent ink again into the bottom. For more details, see the big picture, . [pictures from the Internet, FROM:SNeakernews] for sports loving people, the cupboard there will always be several pairs of sports shoes, mountain climbing shoes, running shoes, running, dancing and special shoes. However, no matter wha Cheap foamposites for sale t kind of shoes, they have a common character: blocking the feet and ground contact! Although the current sports shoes are becoming more and more breathable, but compared to the comfort of barefoot, or so bad gas. to allow users to abandon the heavy shoes, Swiss Barefoot company launched a when shoes socks, which is harder than steel socks. The purpose is to bring users such as barefoot like experience. this sock is called FYF (free your feet), which means to liberate your feet! It is made of wool fiber and 46.5% Dyneema (Dinima) fiber. At the same time, PVC sole is added to the bottom of the sock, and it can be worn on the foot. The user can do all kinds of outdoor activities with high intensity. Each sock has a waterproof bag, and it only takes time to tie the laces. FYF has the following characteristics: four characteristics of - elastic joint, so that FYF and feet closely fit Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale seamless sewing, maximizes FYF comfort. - independent toe design, providing the full range of protection to the soles of the feet --FYF contains 46.5% Dyneema: the strongest fiber in the world. Its tensile strength is 15 times that of steel. At high magnification, there are a lot of control points on the fiber. These control points not only protect, but also bring barefoot comfort. Dyneema super high tensile and wear resistance, so that users can wear FYF comfortable outdoor activities, such as diving, rock climbing, surfing and so on. Dinima's soft, lightweight qualities make FYF wear on his feet, very light, comfortable and barefoot. For those who like long distance running, wearing FYF will clearly feel the difference between it and shoes. Dinima's unique thermal conductivity and hydrophobicity allow FYF to evacuate heat from his feet. The user will find that when the feet ar Retro jordans for sale e hot and sweating, the feet have cooled down under the heat of FYF. FYF has waterproof surface, and can quickly dry, timely is wet, almost feel less weight increase. FYF is also very easy to clean, can be cleaned by ordinary washing liquid, or by dry cleaning. If socks have bad smell, they can be sterilized and taste with alcohol. Dinima can prevent ultraviolet ray, even in the sun, do not worry about the damage from the sun. At present, FYF is in the testing phase, the team will send more than double FYF prototype to the world's professional athletes, hoping that they can test in their own sports field. FYF login Kickstarter for manyAfter saw NMD HU Philippines Dong, AMAC custom units have a new inspiration to the two popular world elements combine to make his work to become a world famous design, so there is this custom works adidas NMD World Famous". The design of "Triple White" using the clean white color NMD, "World" and "Famous" respectively mounted on the upper, into the elements of Supreme, "S LOGO" in red and side three position. this adidas NMD "World Famous" customized works will be released at 8 in the evening of March 24th, interested friends can go to view, the price is $300. these shoes want to be popular all over the world. Do you give him the chance? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!since 1949, adidas has a close link with tennis, sports, and Rod, Laver, Stan, Smith, and, Ilie, Nastase, and other colorful individuals. The spring and summer of this year to the pride of the history as the theme, combined with the Wimbledon tennis tournament is the most representative of the traditional as inspiration, the launch of the " Edition classic tournament; Tournament " series. ROD LAVER VINTAGE / 019468 / engraved since the 1970 launch of the Rod Laver, is the first professional tennis player to pair of shoes. Rod Laver is one of the greatest tennis player in the world to do, he has 2 times alone in the same year, the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon 4 singles competition champion, now the main stadium is named after the Australian Rod Laver. This season's Tournament series is designed with an almost all white low profile leather upper with elegant, classic textures. STAN SMITH VINTAGE / 018090 / engraved since 1977 Stan Smith classic type of shoes, the original version of the "Haillet" tennis shoes and fine texture, with excellent soft leather and unique flexible soles widely popular players. In addition to the symbol of the tennis court white green color, breathable hole design on behalf of Adidas classic three line, Stan Smith's signature shoe body, tongue portrait printed on the Stan Smith more, become "big" standard has long lasting classic shoes. Torunament in this series of shoes will change to the tongue portrait staggered tennis racket golden trophy totem, the inner pad also has the same design style label download (55.94 KB)2008-4-8 Adidas Originals Tournament download (77.69 KB)2008-4-8 Adidas Originals Tournament download (41.43 KB)2008-4-8 Adidas Originals Tournament 9 o: c/ * F7 FNike KD VI I! Supreme "Aunt Pearl" is a tribute to the late Aunt Pearl and specially built. Powder red rose pattern covers the top of the shoe and matches the pink outsole. The bright blue dotted details, the tongue with standard Kay Yow Logo. Is expected to be listed in February 27th, No.: 618216-600.

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