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Just sample shoes, failed to get the original box, so a little regret. But the figure is XX oh! Figure first brought roughly one side of the mobile phone, shooting a pixel residue, but will not affect your appreciation of this pair of shoes. You can clearly see the side, toe and heel is used matte suede, and the other part is completely different. The side of the shoe body is also printed on the diamond pattern. Most of the other basic information, we see several parts, the first is to use insoles, Vault friends should know that in order to increase comfort, Vans in the high-end line with leather insole heel pad, the most typical is the Disney x Vans Tang Laoya, Mickey Mouse Sk8-Hi. This joint is more reliable than the Disney insole, sew the original insole, the front also shear into a "V" shape, write Taka Hayashi and Vans words, and there are Taka Hayashi u Retro jordans for sale nique cross feather icon. Three projections on the right side of the insole don't know this is so defective or abrasive factory. This cross feather icon tongue is Taka Hayashi consists of a cloth sign, instead of the original Vans tags. The laces are common with lace holes only in the body of the shoe leather into holes. Taka Hayashi Vans is a thing very important reason is that it treats the joint is really serious, a tiny bit details will not let go, the sole head is so, coupled with a longitudinal groove, so that the shoe is more beautiful, more durable. The same , the rear sole apron pattern, woven pattern mingled with slender diamond. first, please consciously ignore the background. Her eyes? ~ Taka master professional is also reflected in the first half of this shoe is blue, half keep waffle bottom brown, also formed the word "V" arrow. finally brought two pairs of foot feeling, one before. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChatA scanComme des Garcons Sh cheap foamposites irt launched a series of new spring and summer 09 years can be said to be amazing! Launched style shirt, hat clip, Tee, this series incorporates many different elements, design methods of stitching visual effects, special staining design, color and other hit color to show love. Very good friends do not miss Download! (23.07 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (22.47 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (33.64 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (31.59 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (32.33 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (35.76 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (31.32 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRT Download (38.05 KB)2009-3-2 Comme des Garcons SHIRTBlack / pink is often one of the standard match colors for the anti breast cancer foundation, but it may be an exception on the Nike KD VI. From the online exposure of the black / Pink Nike KD VI in kind view, the shoes in the back of the embroidery completely contin Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ued before the KD series of meteorological color design. There is no further information about this color scheme for the time being. Air Penny 1/2 Cent is the famous star Hardaway double signature style set several pence designed, although it is a "hybrid" style, but with the popularity of super hot penny, this pair of shoes in the market's performance is not bad. Now, Nike is sending out a black version of the upcoming release, believing that plain black shoes will definitely bring a different feeling for these shoes. The product information is as follows: Color: Black/Black-Metallic Silverthe past two years, the sloth bear sports continues to domestic and international sports venture capital market observation and research, released in April this year, the "2017 Chinese sports business white paper", we pass on the 2016 sports venture capital data combing, statistics of the financial information 242 sports related startups, which are small compared to 217 in 2015 increase. in the total amount of funds, in 2016 a total of 19 billion 900 million yuan financing occurred (8 billion yuan B round of financing include music as sports), even get rid of this special case, the amount of financing of 11 billion 900 million yuan is still more than 6 billion 500 million yuan in total in 2015 has increased dramatically. despite the laments of the capital market for sports cooling, but the data allow us to the future of the sports industry to maintain a certain optimism. however, after two years of baptism, investors and entrepreneurs have increasingly recognized that sports is a "long business", slower growth of sports business smaller companies, business is relatively diversified. At the same time, although we see that the core population of the sports market is expanding, it will take time for real affordability to grow. in this context, in 2017, the past four months, the domestic sports related venture capital market is what? According to bear sports statistics, the first 4 months of 2017, the domestic sports related business project financing event occurred since 55, involving a total amount of more than 1 billion 230 million yuan, compared to the same period in 2016 76 over 3 billion 130 million yuan a small decline. Of course, the gap will narrow in the year 2017, given that some companies are financing but not yet released. from the point of view of financing rounds distribution, seed / Angel round accounted for 25.5%, Pre-A/A/A+ accounted for more than 58.2%, what does this mean? Let's take a look at what happened in 2016: in fact in the domestic sports venture capital market in 2016, an angel round (including seed round) financing proportion has decreased from 45% in 2015 to 34% today, we see the proportion of further reduction in the first 4 months of 2017, only 25.5%. and A round of financing (including Pre-A/A/A+) accounted for the increase, increased from 35.8% in 2015 to 47% in 2016, to the first 4 months of the year 58.2%, the investment institutions to enter after 2017 to early investors are more cautious, rarely shot. held in May 18th of the second China sloth bear sports sports industry market, there are 6 companies to launch a new round of financing, the 6 companies in the industry are not new, of which 5 are A round of financing rounds, the remaining 1 is B round, in the past year they there have been a lot of changes. , let's see what specific companies are: 1. small triangle project overview: Edyk (North) ??????top jewelry designers Just Love Sayings Daily If You Just Give Me A Small Change engagement rings white gold This German shepherd that will be the best kind of pillow to nap on 27 Dogs That Will Do Anything For Kids jewelry designers Just Love Sayings Daily If You&nbs" /〉 real jewelry cheap The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats OH I was laughing so hard by the end of this gold wedding ring Old door turned into shelf top jewelry designers Just Love Sayings Daily If You Just Give Me A Small Change

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