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if you walk through Maven VT and see a window like this, I'm sure many people will stop and watch it. A pair of ordinary Dunk SB, very good with the background of the pot plants together, had to praise the shrewd businessmen. Download (41.42 KB) Lining Yu handsome IV has a new fashion special edition, Byron. Davies Chinese for boots fashion show personality style. To have a unique pair of sports shoes, you need to see the special edition of Lining's water ripples. Look at the designer how fun culture classic highlights Lining Yu handsome IV fashion charm. different from the previous generations of Yu Shuai from the traditional "stone beast" inspiration, designers in the handsome appearance of IV Yu emphasizes a modern and functional design, in line once handsome IV is from the Audi R8 sports car styling design highlights line of motion, the success of this double Yu handsome boots series highest reputation. More details on the design of the upper region have great originality, asymmetry, let Yu IV is handsome and has a number of gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, vamp version of IV has also become the Yu Shuai series as a member variable. Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale Yu Shuai IV equipped with a new SAS coordinate system, the system uses a revolutionary change, in order to improve the SAS system conductivity, carbon fiber board application high cost to the SAS system in IV Yu Shuai, rely on the toughness of carbon fiber plate unique and ultra light quality, the Yu Shuai IV technology can be among the industry's top works. Followed by a substantial thickening of the BOUNSE material is brought out and the shock rebound performance more excellent, and filled the upper memory foam, let Yu Shuai IV performance has reached an unprecedented height. Yu Shuai IV subsequently launched a high outside the upper and bottom of the wavy lines of the new version, after the world known as the water ripple. In order to better fit for the China signing began to demand, designer will drive handsome IV again before the shoe design, adhering to culture, design patterns throughout the upper Dragonscale Yu handsome IV shoes, became Byron. Davies Chinese for boots, Yu Shuai IV has also become a series of dragon scales in the classic works. Liu Xiang exclusive running series of products women's products Liu Xiang exclusive running series of products st Retro jordans for sale orm jacket recently, Nike for the first time with Chinese athletes, launched the first set of Liu Xiang exclusive running series of products, which is Nike's first track and field athletes designed to create a product line. Since September 1, 2011, Liu Xiang's exclusive running series will be sold at the national Nike retail store and on Liu Xiang is no longer on the field, the distant hurdling hero of this series, he personally for running pick and participate in the design, will bring the exclusive design of excellent performance and the one and only people for love to run, and to remind people to keep "sport is negative heart to win" the courage. Liu Xiang exclusive running product series men's products LX Collection Limited Box as early as 3 years ago, Nike company has combined with Liu Xiang hurdle movement and his personal characteristics, designed a "hurdle" hurdle "flying trapeze" logo". While in the launch of the exclusive Liu Xiang running series, wings mark is still the most discriminative elements, and before the difference is that the main logo shows the new wings break box meaning, symbol of the movement to break the shackles, the cheap foamposites challenges of the world. running is a part of the hurdle race, and also an important part of Liu Xiang's daily training. Liu Xiang found the joy of sport in this very basic, simple sport. As a result, he singled out his favorite running shoes, hoping to give fashion and comfort to more early runners through the product's own technological innovations and practicality. Including with unique shock performance of LunarGlide+ 3, and Free running shoes barefoot movement of the concept of simulation. And the colors are based on Liu Xiang's preference, the body of the shoe he love most of the blue; at the same time, from the "boy to man" Liu Xiang, increasingly prefer a symbol of maturity of earth color, then appeared yellow soil and the decorative lines running shoes and shoe vamp. Liu Xiang exclusive running product series LG+3 Liu Xiang exclusive running series products W's LG+ 3 Liu Xiang series of hot pressing and weaving signs, using Liu Xiang's first name "LX" and calligraphy style "Xiang Xiang" as the main elements of the pattern design. Nike designer specializing in fabric printing design of the series is adopted in the design to the exclusive Chinese node element Cheap foamposites for sale for design inspiration, these design details will appear in a variety of Liu Xiang series of running shoes, jackets and t-shirts. In addition to men's products, the series also includes women's running products from clothing to footwear. to commemorate this historic moment, Nike will launch 86 limited edition gift boxes in the world, meaning to encourage Liu Xiang as soon as possible to create a new world record of 12 seconds 86. Liu Xiang's exclusive running range will be 10:00〉 on August 29, 2011Gentry Humphrey announced the departure of 2015-08-14 15:05:29 from Nike day before Nike exposed a people slightly regret the news, Nike product marketing director Gentry Humphrey announced his resignation. The effect of Nike in more than 20 years old employees were known Jordan Brand early development and later engraved product line planning, in recent years the Hardaway series, Barkley series and "bubble jet" successful marketing of all from his hand, and the marketing planning of the master's next stop is not clear, also hope he can have a good destination. Opening Ceremony x adidas Originals joint new work 2013-12-08 22:49:28 recently network exposure the Opening Ceremony x adidas Originals Rod Laver Vintage High, American fashion retail brand Opening Ceremony joint Adidas Originals launched the new color of the Rod Laver Vintage High, with a strong visual impact of the fringe pattern, a strong sense of hierarchy. White and black outsole designs are used to show different visual effects. This series of new products are expected to be sold exclusively in LuisaViaRoma in the spring of 2013, and friends like you can pay more attention to them. the Sneaker market, leopard heady, Nike Sportswear naturally will not miss this opportunity, after the launch of Wmns QS and Runner Pocket leopard handle Footscape Woven Motion Chukka. Nike Sportswear will be launched in September this year, Zoom All Court 2 Leopard Zoom All from all the training shoes Court in 1975, after improvement for Zoom All Court 2 chip become more thin, more suitable for Asian feet. The sole and heel insole damping rubber Zoom Air damping unit to enhance the comfort of wearing shoes. Midfield master of the ball control weapon, Nike CTR360 MAESTRI II (click to watch photos) Nike CTR360 MAESTRI II elite boots designed for players who pursue perfect ball on the court building. The ability to use accurate passes, control the progress of the game, control the rhythm, and create opportunities for teammates, this is the real midfield master. Fabregas (A Senna) and Iniesta (Barcelona) is a strong ball player, choose the CTR360 MAESTRI II elite boots. Their ability lies in the precise control of the pace of the game, as well as for the team to create a lot of shot opportunities. The data do not lie, the following statistics from the British company Opta, they have the game statistics database of the world's most comprehensive and can tell you exactly how Fabregas and Iniesta through ball to become a leader in the game. Fabregas: Master of ball control, Fabregas's technique moves smoothly, and can dominate the competition process by oneself. Since the Premier League in the 2009/10 season, he has contributed more to the team than he has ever done (16 times). An average chance to shoot every 24.8 minutes is the highest level in the league. What is worth mentioning is, in the opportunity which creates for the teammate, he really is called the 2009/10 season European five big league tournament's most outstanding player, in average every 29 minutes creates a chance for the teammate. Iniesta: midfielder magician at the world cup in South Africa this summer, Iniesta showed a remarkable ability to change the game. Without a doubt, his accurate passing and efficient assists kept him among the best in the world. In the Champions League this season, his pass accuracy was as high as 90%. Last season's Spanish League, the talented passer made an incredible 93.7% in the midfield. In the European Cup qualifier, Iniesta has created 16 chances for his teammates. with precise positioning as the highest goal, Nike CTR360MAESTRI II Elite brings outstanding contribution for the pursuit of high-quality boots players: pass ball contact pad: inboard placement pad has excellent adhesion to ensure accurate ball and pass artificial "KANGA-LITE" upper: Leather touch, first-class comfort, can adapt to any weather conditions. foam: the pressure foam on the outside of the front foot gives the player a perfect first touch. ball ball contact cushion: to improve the quality, make control more easily. pass contact pads: take inspiration from the golf ball to ensure accuracy of pass. &n〉

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