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by the famous designer Mark Parker Fragment, Design founder Teng Yuan Hao and Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield composed the creative team together to create a Nike HTM Free Mercurial Superfly by HTM after the first dark gray color, recently pushed a new fluorescent green version, celebrating in Brazil during the summer exciting football finals. Shoes have been sold today at NikeLab, X158 and other global NikeLab stores, and many people can't afford to pay for this super limited shoe bag, but we might as well have a look at the top foot pictures of our shoes. ; Nike Juvenate Woven Premium launched the "Multicolor" color, folding woven shoe with a simple design made. powder, blue, green tune, really dazzling, ~~~~! 2016-4-28 upload and download attachment at 22:27, and (201.72, KB) according to foreign media broke the news, Nike made a hitherto unknown decision, will controversial front poison two generation Hypervenom Phantom II and the upper left Phinish football shoes in September this year will be switched jordans on sale online back to front generation upper poison. May 2013, the first generation of toxic front football shoes in Barcelona by the Brazil star Neymar led released in early June, Neymar in a friendly match with England on the first stage in. Poison Feng generation by the then new vamp NikeSkin production, provides a general ball like barefoot feeling for the players. From the reaction of many equipment fans, poison front generation shoe, although there is a risk of tearing, but this can not conceal its super touch brings praise. It can be said that the front shoe of the poison wing is very successful. last year, Nike released a toxic front second generation products, in order to bring new ideas, Nike is not only the dynamic forefront of shoes to help lead poison Feng join top two generation, but also designed a new shoe for the upper material and structure are the changes in turn the world upside down. In front of the two generation drug conference, Nike soccer shoes department vice president Marx said, "although the players were very early love pois Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale on Feng, but this does not mean that we can bring better products. We're not afraid to make innovations for sneakers, because the best sneakers are always the next pair." poison front two generation show is still Neymar, and the initial honeymoon is good. Dressed in poison two generations, the horse won the Champions League, but the problem can not be covered. At the beginning of the 2015-16 season, a lot of poison front two generations of players have changed shoes, including the chief spokesman Neymar. After that, everyone is familiar with, Neymar received all the camouflage poison front two generations, Ross · Barkley and Man Giulia Ki Zi also received the same shoe with Neymar custom poison front. Obviously, the problem of poison front two generation shoe must be solved. soon, these players will return to the usual version of the poison front. The upper replacement does not use the now customized assassin uppers, but completely back early poison front uppers, I'm afraid this action will cause a great disturbance in the football equipm buy cheap jordans online ent. Other poison front two generation configurations will be retained, including the collar and the fly line. I don't know whether the new poison front will be the same as the original yellow test shoe in September is reported, with poison front generation shoe new poison front two generation will be launched in September this year, but will only replace the top Phantom II and Phinish football shoes uppers. ??????shoes wholesale philippines products Salted Caramel Cheesecake online outlet store canada Restaurant and Bar Design Awards wholesale philippines products Salted Caramel Cheesecake" /〉 bracelet fashion bluntcard women wide width shoes sneakers cheap Great Grandma s Coconut Cream Pie shoes wholesale philippines products Salted Caramel Cheesecake custom shoes always is a very important part of shoes Sneaker culture, Vans Vans Custom Nike, a famous NikeID, other brands also have their own custom system. Folk is no shortage of God, not through the official and bold attempt DIY custom not uncommon, many custom shoes also very arti Retro jordans for sale stic. But some black businessmen also under the guise of brand publicity joint between the so-called "custom shoes", in order to achieve the purpose of publicity. Recently, Vans's "custom shoes" is a bit more, we have to talk about these shoes today whether it is true or false, custom branded? in early 2008, Japanese artist Murakami Takashi Takashi? Murakami and the famous international luxury brand Louis Vuitton collaboration, which launched the "Monogramouflage" pattern bold elements essential fashion camouflage iconic LV Logo and street combination, creating a cross-border cooperation story. Murakami Takashi yesterday in Paris, "Learning the Magic of Painting" solo exhibition officially began, he is also wearing a pair of Vans Slip-On custom shoes appeared on the scene, this pair of ordinary and classic Slip-On shoe body filled with eight years ago, the "Monogramouflage" pattern, Haruki long also Po out this pair of their own custom the shoes pictures on Instagram, and Vans enthusiasts to share. obviously, because it involves Murakami Takash Cheap foamposites for sale i Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton two brands, so the double Murakami Takashi custom Slip-On almost impossible production sale. ? You Murakami Takashi wearing a green camouflage, on foot this pair of custom Slip-On last month at this time, a pair of Chanel Chanel and Vans "joint began to ferment in the network, we first focus on the typical" false joint, really set (TU) system (Crow) ", and in all the great help from the end of the war this matter (see" sequence of events never joint! Chanel Chanel x Vans joint affair "). In fact, this pair of so-called Chanel Chanel jointly, just a domestic brand to the initial circle of friends custom shoes, because somans, Li Chen, et al. Han prosperous dress foot increased exposure, and black businesses took the opportunity to batch fraud, speculation into joint shoes, seeking profits. In fact, Chanel Chanel and Vans never signed! "Bo Beijing time on August 9th, according to TMZ website reported, only a pair of Kobe custom Air Jordan 3 is out of the auction price of $30 thousand and 400. this pair of sh cheap foamposites oes is able to take such a high price, the reason for this is that this pair of shoes is dedicated to the black mamba custom. The also dates back to 2002. it is understood that in that season Kobe also wore the shoes played two games. The Lakers play against the Rockets, was high after a breakthrough by the Rockets show champion Yao Ming. It is time for Yao Ming's rookie season. unfortunately, although this is only a pair of Kobe custom AJ3, but Kobe ultimately did not sign for AJ. however, the particularity of this pair of shoes is obviously, it is currently only a few belong to the high ratio of Air Jordan 3. it is not clear who is the buyer for $30 thousand and 400 (RMB 200 thousand) take this pair of Air Jordan 3, but it is certain that it must be a loyal fan of Kobe.Will Michael in the past 1 months, 17 years of Marathon began to heat waves. Major sports brands have been developing at this time, helping the runners finish their marathon dreams with iterative products. , NIKE, ADIDAS, ASICS, MIZUNO these international big names, no doubt by all runners concern. However, in addition to these, in recent years, a number of budding domestic brands, with good sexual price, and constantly enhance the function, quality, has gradually gained a large number of runners recognition. will be Wallace, is established in the past two years domestic sports brand, team members are running, and its product attributes are very specific, just running series of products. At present, although the market momentum of the brand is not large, it has won a large number of runners. The relatively big foreign moving thousands of running equipment, will take high price is impressive, but truly earned the reputation of the enterprise is serious work, the attitude of excellence and iteration, to run the professional running products. in mid March, will be Mai all horse running shoes 42K listing, in the circle of friends caused no small response, the runners praised it. To get the support and confidence of the runners, the team felt very pleased, but the pair of 42K were late for two years before meeting the runner, so that they were a little sorry, but the reason was to realize their original dream. To have a running step, domestic sports brand, is for the runners, the marathon is each runner's dream, so they made a pair of professional, safe and comfortable marathon running shoes, it is inevitable step goal, but this goal is not easy. it is understood that, in order to find the answer, and they will take the seed users were not under repeated communication one hundred times, has finally determined the direction of 42K, a pair of finished more than 4 hours, with a speed above 5min running the marathon running shoes. The reason why there is such a position, will take that most of these runners are the primary all horses, their skills and abilities are relatively limited, so is the need for more support and help running groups. after another round of design, development, testing, let us see the sincerity of this start-up company. From a plan to show both a stereo pair of shoes, and then run the test on the spot, derived function strength, technology, structure, material and die adjustment measure again, every time in the feedback and perfected. The final presentation in front of us 42K, although not perfect, but it is a real help running safety and comfort in a marathon marathon running shoes, the result is that runners who support and trust will step. advertised domestic brand will be running step, they have stressed the domestic is not made, for their own brand, but really hope that through the efforts of the team, to create a real pride in our brand products, as Chinese manufacturing support. Therefore, for more runners to provide domestic high-quality professional running products will become 〉 NikeAir Flight 89 retro shoes launched a new product, this shoe body with black background, white collocation lining, tongue and heel tag, Swoosh and bottom decorative eye-catching, purple shoelaces, ink in the bottom of the ornament so that we can not help but to think of the kings' classic color to. This shoe is now End Clothing is receiving reservations, like friends may wish to pay attention to.

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