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Nike All Court under Teng Yuan Hao's Fragment Design joined, the street visibility immediately opened, there have been a variety of colors to meet the hearts of fans. In the winter quarter once again launched a homeopathic should scenery, rich degree of chocolate making the following white green version of the summer after the re release of the original All Court low shoes, color saturation to tide fans with an estimated start again. EIL following the beginning of the year released four MotoTie Boots and 7-Holes Booat boots, this season again with these two styles based on the introduction of new colors. 2012 winter brings VEIL x Li-Ning series of new members, in addition to fresh color, MotoTie Boots in the figure is more covered with flocking zebra stripes, and electric embroidered VEIL LOGO, compared with the previous generation is more beautiful. We can through the Lining series of boots before the s Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale tore to buy, while the two only in the VEIL retail stores to start, each only limited to 50 pairs in November 7th will be launched for sale, love friends need to pay close attention to.this shoe is Melo's new second M7 color for New York Nicks, and maybe we can see Melo on the field in the third playoff game of Madison Square Garden. In the last game in Anthony's 42 success also failed to save the lost in second games to defeat score, this kind of shoes to cater to the "Welcome to NY" ("welcome to New York Nicks) the theme color, this is also the team to New York this" home court "color can help Anthony led the Nicks team made the next win. Shoes are still using leather and fly wire technology, of course, the indispensable Melo logo is also a bright spot in shoes. It is expected to be available on sale in June 1st at $130, and is only available at Nike Towns and House of Hoops, limited to. Beiji Cheap foamposites for sale ng on March 10th morning, the famous American basketball professional media "Ringhoop world" columnist Steve - Kohler online to answer fan questions, talk about some of the alliance among the current hot issues, of which there are several problems related to the Rockets, the following are some of the wonderful contents of Kohler to interact with the fans: Q: before you forecast for the Rockets Battier for Thabeet now seems Thabeet value are not as good as Milicic. The advantage of the Rockets is that their regular season is relatively relaxed, which makes it possible for them to hit the playoffs. Would they be better if Battier were there? Kohler: we are still looking for the answer to this question, we have not found the Rockets who think they can make contributions to thabeet. The Rockets are very respected Battier, so before Battier traded is not bear to put him on the bench, but only af cheap foamposites ter trading Battier, the Rockets will make logical Badingge play first, and let Terrence and Williams get the opportunity to play. The deal with the Rockets Memphis perhaps in the future will have some help for the Rockets, perhaps a bit Tianta future can help, the Rockets had to do more is to alleviate certain pressure to their crowded lineup. I think if Battier is still in the Rockets, he can help the Rockets more. : : : if the heat continues to sink like it has been for a while, will there be a "power struggle" between Wade and Lebron? It looks like Lebron is now in control of the heat. Kohler: not Wade nor Lebron, between the two of them power is equivalent, but Bosh down the entire season has been crying, he felt that he should become the team's number third, but now is not the case, often Wade and Lebron two people played very comfortable Bosh often neglected. I have said many times, Mia Retro jordans for sale mi now need a leading player of noble character and high prestige, such as Billups, Nash, Kidd or Fisher as all the players are very respectful of the players, so that they can be a reasonable distribution of the ball, the ball not to stay in the hands of a player. Q: since the Danny Gelanjiede had the most improved player award that season, he played more and more bad, now is the time not to the Pacers by Hibbert, George and Hansbrough as the core of the reconstruction? NBA teams need time to break in before they can agglomerate. Grainger played pretty well, but now he just needs to be in point guardNike Air Python SP marketing information 2014-11-05 11:24:42 day before Nike launched a new color of the Air Python double SP, the designer selects material to build lines Lizard Leather shoe body whole shoes, let the whole atmosphere is extremely luxurious, but strong retro look for the fashion indicators can perfect control of the season, beige color shoes make whole body relatively low-key. Concise and smooth exterior design, will be sought after by sneaker, it is learned that the shoes will be fully sold in November 6th, like friends can be concerned about it. Nike KD 8 "What The" sale information exposed 2016-05-12 15:47:13 is reserved for "KD What The" element KD landed 8 days ago Oh, exposed the network news KD 8 SE "Nike What The" will be released on June 18th. Although there is no such thing as the release of the shoes, it still attracts everyone's attention. Looking back at KD 8's past colors, I can barely guess what it looks like, but I still hope that the brand will bring us a surprise. recently, the well-known sports brand Nike Nike Sportswear launched its new challenger running shoes, "Varsity Blue"". The Nike Sportswear Challenger series is noted for its high performance running shoes. different from the last available retro, this "Varsity Blue" using the school colors, and the gray three colors of blue, blue and white outsole also uses two different colors to highlight the simple style, the shoes have been sold in designated shops. Wilson will win basketball as the only designated ball for China's national basketball team reputation in the international market for the mainstream brand of basketball, Wilson will win the basketball in the China, officially entered the year, namely, with its excellent quality and excellent feel, in many of the brand of basketball, and was the only Chinese country men and women selected as national team's designated as special for the ball, basketball the 2012 London Olympic games. although the majority of domestic sports enthusiasts more familiar Wilson tennis racket, but as the world's largest and most professional sports equipment manufacturers, Wilson more excellent products as well as football, basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, golf etc.. especially Wilson will win the basketball, not only had the ball is specified by the NBA for decades, it has always been more popular American NCAA game balls than NBA; with the market share in North America There is nothing comparable to this. is not only the famous Michael. Jordan is a lifelong advocate of Wilson will win basketball, the current hot Chicago bulls Derek. Ross is also the image spokesperson for Wilson will wins basketball. Wilson will also have a host of admirable patents and technologies, such as waves, particles, stickers, moisture, letterpress, foam, etc., and only one purpose: everything for the touch. Wilson will claim to be a tech basketball. more details, please visit Wilson will win basketball official website share to:

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