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Minimalism reshaping Adidas Originals trend classic 2014-05-06 22:51:19 April 30, 2014, to subvert the traditional design concept of Adidas Originals new ZX Flux series finally came to China, and in the Adidas Originals Shanghai home store specially created Pop Up Store, the ZX Flux story completely presented in front of everyone. The ZX Flux series of simple trend design perfect re interpretation of the 80s science and technology pioneer movement classic ZX8000, to be loyal to the original, beyond the attitude of self to the classic salute. on the night of the event, the current Adidas China Sports classic brand director Rachel Howard, arrived at the scene, design inspiration and history to visit the media about the classic shoes, fashion and many senior sneaker to discuss the details of the unique design of ZX FLUX. Pop up store also uses the original cheap foamposites simple style, full of Post Industrial Street treason and of space in the display of the ZX8000 and the ZX FLUX series of various models. The day's activities are also attracted to the fashion trendsetter to come, they can not wait to have tried ZX FLUX, all of the classic style has also been the street photographer by recording. Adidas Originals ZX 8000, designed for the trend of street culture, was born in 1989The first time to the novice to register for free shoe shoe business treasure to help ICT help buyers to find products manufacturers to see service supplier service brand Merchants Merchants settled shoes Network Information shoes shoes network business report headlines observation site features shoes shoes - shoes shoes business treasure service ICT Service about our shoes net station | on mobile phone we | products and services | market cooperation | con Cheap foamposites for sale tact us | feedback | advertising service | join us customer service center | shoes headlines map | shoes shoes value-added telecommunications business license, min ICP, 05008403, Copyright @ global footwear network, all rights reserved, please quote global footwear network recently, double star celebrity Ji'nan logistics platform careful preparation of the celebrity square image store in Ji'nan city Hualong Road, grand opening, this is the second Laiwu city image of the store and Ji'nan City Alexander Road flagship store building, the platform to build first-class brand image on the bright star big moves, play double star brand advantage, products the advantage and scale advantages, and strive to create a "one-stop" well-known brands. image; build new store big hand market, such as battlefield, competition, such as war, can only take the initiative in order to take the Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale initiative. In the spirit of innovation driven by the platform, according to the laws of market development, the use of "seize the mass market in a kind of port, reverse thinking to seize the high-end market in two ports, changing tactics, tactics and tricks used to seize the market. Reporters saw at the two ports of Hualong road "Celebrity Square shop, business area of 400 square meters in a big store, careful design, high-grade decoration, trendy products, dynamic display, elegant environment and high quality service, for consumers to carefully build a convenient shopping place high grade. The shop footwear division area, shoes and clothing areas area, three regions, products involved in various fields of outdoor Dengfeng, top fashion, professional sports, leisure, children's clothing and other products, equipped with shoes, a comprehensive display of the double star brand image. all wor Retro jordans for sale k in a line before the opening of the new store, on the leadership team, down to the front-line staff, are wholeheartedly rushed to build new stores. Shop assistant Cao Li's mother-in-law was hospitalized due to illness, and she resisted the pressure from her family and did not ask for a day off. She said, "now the store needs me more than my family. I'll pay for it when I owe it to my family."". "From the new store location, decoration, to the goods, display, and then planning, opening, each important link, we can see in the store Huang total figure, he is not only a conductor, but also a participant."." One of the clerks said to the reporter. The professionalism of the leadership has infected and encouraged the employees. The opening is at the end of the week. Many key employees have given up their breaks and joined in the opening of the new store. targeting young and middle-aged During the business, customers flocked to the store "Taobao" every day. Because the product style fashion flagship store, for young people, especially children, lovers launched with personality color products, consumers love the scene for the members of the counter crammed. "Go outing this weekend with his girlfriend, they are the travel equipment worry, today in the" double star Celebrity Square "not only buy satisfactory products, but also enjoy the opening promotions, heart". A young man waiting for payment at the cashier's desk said happily. The store manager introduced, with the opening promotional activities, nearly 1000 customers into the shop, the store daily sales are more than 30 thousand yuan. Among them, the Chinese and young people who pay attention to quality and pursue fashion become the store Nike Air Foamposite One with "Paranorman" warning, the custom Chef of GourmetKickz brand launched a new color of the NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE "NORMAN YOU DEVIL" custom products, shoes with red to black as the main color gradient colors, adding flame pattern, crystal color large at the end of the same wonderful, and then with the insole portrait very prominent theme and dotting characteristics, and shoes composed with the same style and a t-shirt. lightweight foamed rubber bottom and comfortable foam insole as technical support, Under Armour launched a bold and convenient 4D Foam Encounter slippers first foot. With light breathable canvas upper. The upper is provided with an elastic telescopic belt to help fix the vamp, and the soft canvas creates a different method of wear.First the foreplay 2006 "It Takes 5IVE" concept: surface of the single player's style, but in the end, the players will tell the audience, if you think a player decided the game, it would be wrong, because a great record is won by five team to work together to the. You were fooled, every, time, I, dunk, drop 30, or 40, it, fooled, you, because, you, believe, that, was, about, me, but I believe, it takes 5, baby, would, you, not, be, fooled? Are, you? from Sanlitun just north of the Royal smushi is held back, Nordic shoes brand D:FUSE the Royal Danish bakery 2013 new spring and summer sports shoes preview, spacious chic dining area has become a building design style and shoes of the ocean, D:FUSE from rock to retro to Party and dance, variety and charming. In order to let you see the scene for the first time, I even the legendary warm red wine Gluvine did not have time to drink a bite, and resolutely back to it, I do not know if anyone will be moved...... D:FUSE 2013 spring and summer fashion shoes D:FUSE 2013 spring and summer fashion shoes D:FUSE 2013 spring and summer fashion shoes

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