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Not long ago, NIKEiD adds a special texture options for the Kobe 8 iD snake, now the official exposure samples. The snake patterns can be seen from the regular pattern of camouflage, but friends who are still hesitating can look at these samples with different colors. this player's version of hyperdunk belongs to the Spurs Ginobili. Return the Yaodao is to get past strange breakthrough, but after many games hot hand, gradually return to state. In recent games, the microwave has been a great hit, arguably the Spurs' winning streak. Nike to help Manu further, the launch of the hyperdunk, with the Argentina shirt color shoes are very similar, marked Ginobili's toe back 5, followed by a small sun sign, on behalf of the Argentina sun god.a few years ago, Jordan has won the "sports China famous brand products" and "A Well-Known Trademark in China" two national brand honor, the former by the China Brand Strategy Promotion Committee assessed, the latter by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on behalf of the official Chinese assessment, "Jordan" trademark (Chinese), the legitimacy of the China company owns the Jordan brand the affirmation of the. As a Retro jordans for sale national institution, they can not award such a high level of honor to an illegal trademark or trademark company. Jordan sports listing process will not be affected. Jordan sports has passed smoothly a few months ago, and the seriousness and authority of the China Securities Regulatory Commission have decided that the regulator will not easily change its original decision. However, Jordan sports IPO release pricing may be affected to some extent. Also, Jordan sports listed in Shanghai, not Hongkong, not the United states. I forecast for this event is the result of "Halo: first shares of listed domestic sports activities will still belong to Jordan sports, influence the legal proceedings will not," the spirit of compensation for the loss of Jordan sports "may be given a certain amount of" flying Jordan ". After many years of hard management and hard work, Jordan sports sales reached billions of dollars, profits hundreds of millions, so the "certain amount" compensation for its future development and operation will only have a "slight" impact. business is about intelligence, strategy, and law. Compassion, compassion, hurt, and dignity are hard to change in reali Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ty. On the other hand, Mr. Ding Guoxiong, founder of Jordan sports, and his father created a unique business model, showing their business acumen and strategy. In fact, the rise of Quanzhou sports brands, such as Anta, XTEP, PEAK, 361 degrees, including three Shu group, each of them has outstanding business wit and excellence. after this event, Jordan sports and world basketball superstar "flying Jordan" does not have any relationship that is fully exposed, the basketball culture and the connotation of Jordan sports have the "Jordan" brand presents an unprecedented hollow and copycat, it will become a huge short board of the Jordan sports brand building to make a good effort. Solid, Jordan sports foundation capital strength, in the process of market disruption, the original plan of marketing investment, product development will not be affected; sports industry into the bleak 2012, local sports brand channel expansion impulse was inhibited, so the Jordan sports channel expansion is not likely to question. objectively speaking, the American superstar Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) has made great contributions to the development, expansion and today's brillian Cheap foamposites for sale ce of Jordan's sports. If Jordan sports has a gratitude and gratitude attitude towards Michael Jordan, I believe this company will win more recognition, love and respect. recently, Adidas Originals's Skateboarding series launched the new spring 2011 style. The launch of the new styles, including Silas, Skate, Adi, Ease, Ronan and Busenitz and other shoes, using a variety of different colors, it is in line with the Spring Street atmosphere. The new model is on sale, so you guys can start thinking about it, skater.NikeBasketball support for James shoes is not big, in the Nike LeBron 12 launch of the "rubber city" and "Generation" version of EXT, before the brand again launched a new color of the shoes, the designer with red suede with black nubuck leather level Hyperposite material uppers, attached to the flower texture modification details overall, filled with a festive feeling. At present, there is no information about the shoe sale information, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports."to live," hip "must be a bit green, this is small to see the car after the thought of a sentence, but strictly speaking it is not a t cheap foamposites raditional green, should be a green with blue exact point, in fact this green blue painting point, look it is very good to hear or see, what brand is it? It is the bicycle bound in a clear stream -- BIANCHI. Configuring with frame: Bianchi Methanol CV front fork: Fox 32 Step-Cast SC lock by wire version brake: Shimano XTR M9000 dental disc: Fsa SL-K 36T flywheel: Shimano XTR M9000 11-40T drive: Shimano XTR Di2 wheel group: Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 : Kenda honey badger XC pro tire three piece set: FSA pedal: Crank Brothers seat cushion: Fizik GOBI This is the BIANCHI team Fontana Marco car, probably for sponsorship reasons, in the transmission of collocation is very interesting, FSA SL-K top carbon crank group 36T teeth disc, Shimano XTR M9050 and 11-40T SRAM after shifting the flywheel, chain, the collocation can be said to be the "United Nations" corps, in order to increase the stability of the chain lost chain risk, it also specially added FRM carbon chain device to ensure safety. XC count every minute and second game, is accurate, rapid and stable transmission system, so Shimano XTR Di2 became Fontana Marco Shimano XTR M9000 11-40T first, equipped with flywheel gear ratio, although there is no next door to 10-50T exaggeration, but with the players and thick thighs powerful explosive, enough to make up for the problem of gear ratio. Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 top wheel group, special weaving way to achieve its unique appearance, see this strange weaving way, know that non Crank Brothers must be. FSA SL-K carbon fiber crank give me full marks in appearance, native Sao gas carbon fiber lines may be due to weight considerations, Fontana Marco did not use heat sink to make version version XTR M9020 brake 〉 start with a little video, , let's feel the power of technology, mobile phones and shoes are not the same, but there is a company of laser products and the two have a connection, and conquer the United States the first mobile phone brand and the world's top two sports shoes brand Adidas. This company is called Manz intech. Manz and mobile phone sapphire cover plate cover glass is the protective layer of touch screen, which is widely used in consumer electronics, automotive panel control, industrial control and so on. Because of the consumer electronics market increasingly competitive, especially mobile phone manufacturers in order to enhance the user experience, increase the selling point of difference, therefore constantly attempt and innovation in different cover materials, from the initial development to the glass cover, zirconia, ceramics etc.. Manz group is a German high-tech equipment manufacturer, with automation, testing and testing, laser technology, chemical wet process, printing and coating, as well as roll to roll technology. In March 15th, the big bit reporter interviewed Manz China laser technology sales manager Yang Yong at the 2017 Shanghai Munich light expo. Unexpectedly, it is the first American mobile phone brand sapphire cover project partner. Manz China laser technology sales manager Yang Yong double glazing design application is about to break out, 3D cover glass is currently the most fiery. IHS data show that in 2016, 3D cover glass sales will reach 47 million, accounting for 3% of the city, and by 2018, 3D cover glass sales will increase to 163 million, the city's share increased to 7.9%. Yang Yong also said that consumer electronics is an important market for Manz laser equipment, and they also launched in this exhibition can be applied to 3D cover laser system. "We are not laser manufacturers, we focus on the laser processing equipment, system integration and process development, we study several with Germany all close cooperation, we are currently focused on the application direction of laser application of glass products, including consumer electronics, display, 3D cover products such as glass cutting, drilling and welding glass glass etc.." in the mobile phone cover, due to better performance, sapphire cover has been high hopes. Before the launch of iphone6 in 2014, numerous buyers were waiting for the durable and scratch proof sapphire glass cover that iphone6 would be equipped with, which was the leading project of Jobs's life. However, GTAT failed to deliver standard sapphire before Apple's deadline, and submitted bankruptcy applications in the same year, which led to the fact that Apple mobile phone has not used sapphire cover. According to Yang Yong , because Manz has a strong technical strength and engineering ability in laser applications, so it is the first mobile phone sapphire cover consumer electronics brands of laser equipment and most partners. 〉

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