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Visvim PTU CAP-Hi liberal shoes enjoy 2013-12-08 23:00:04 trend giant visvim recently released new products frequently, today Xiaobian to recommend the visvim PTU CAP-Hi although the discarded folk style design visvim landmark, but still appears to have a unique style. Although the overall shape of shoes is only a pair of ordinary Chuck Taylor shoes, but the highlights of these shoes are obvious on the bottom, the full coverage of Free words and aircraft logo marks a kind of liberalism, full of personality. Nike SB Dunk High Pro new color release 2014-02-24 20:58:08 in addition to the new color matching Dunk Low, this time Nike SB will also launch a new color matching Dunk High Pro. The shoes are made of black nylon and blue and Pink Suede, and the lining is bright yellow. The whole shoe exudes a strong cartoon style. Like friends can pay attention to, this color is now in the foreign shoes shop first sale.PUMA has evolved sports brand for nearly 70 years; FOSS, a street fashion collection from 1 to 200+, this time, let's tell everyone, "the meaning of evolution", defines FOSS x PUMA Disc Blaze "Evo" Coming soon FOSS x PUMA Disc Blaze inspired by jellyfis Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale h. There are too many mysteries about jellyfish, some say that some jellyfish may be human ancestors, and some say that a jellyfish may be the only creature in the world that does not die...... After all, jellyfish have been living on this planet for 500 million years. But in the face of many unknowns, we can be sure that jellyfish must undergo a long process of evolution to become what they are today - transparent, simple, tenacious. if you want to select a representative of biological evolution, the jellyfish is definitely the best choice, so the FOSS and PUMA joint cooperation with jellyfish as the design theme, both the Disc turntable and insole, inspiration derived from jellyfish. In order to cope with the evolution of the concept, in the process, FOSS x PUMA Disc Blaze by melt more sense of technology seamlessly without car line uppers and lightweight material, called "the history of the light Disc Blaze, completely broke the traditional Disc Blaze feels. surprise is that this time the FOSS x collocation of PUMA Disc Blaze also in the interpretation of a more powerful high appearance: black and white is always the most universal color printing process, gra Cheap foamposites for sale dient vamp let black and white at less obtrusive, but a bit more profound sense. But in the bottom part of the upper gradient except with the rhythm, but also put ink elements dotting, enhance the impact of the overall design and attractive. FOSS x PUMA Disc Blaze "Evo" when the shelves, the official has not given the exact date, interested friends please continue to pay attention! the day before yesterday to give us UBIQ x Vans Vault 2013 "Ukiyo-e" joint, today I will be out of the box and old Tang, Wish and Size respectively? Two shoes shop branded shoes. First I bring you Wish x Vans Vault joint shoes box. Wish is the United States of Atlanta local shoe shop, not only is Atlanta local, also in the United States Sneaker has a remarkable influence. This is the Wish x Vans double Vault launched last year this time, the high-end joint. heavy drawer shoebox full of black, silver OFF THE WALL Originals sign the written impressively, the Custom Made for Wish (for Wish). side is stacked Wish and Vans two Logo. first revealed a plot. The light side also revealed a weakness of hot "silver" Logo: easy to wear flowers. Vans Vault x Wish Sk8-Hi Reissue LX cheap foamposites "Rio Red/Marshmallow " Wish x Vans Vault 2015 to complete the "bottom" as a joint. in the joint actually contains two pairs of shoes, a pair of olive green Slip-On, a pair of red wine Sk8-Hi. On the foot of Lookbook, have the feeling of super handsome? compared to its original name, I love this pair of shoes is called Red Killer (red killer), because I've seen so much red leather Sk8-Hi in the most brilliant the most number of Sao, through the street suddenly can attract the attention of Sneaker. the whole shoe body cortex Yiu, and between the two toe road car line cross the white line is very brisk punchline. in order to make the shoes are not too bright, followed by the use of dark brown leather cushion vision, "S and India on behalf of Wish". then I, Tony, he is a small mouth of the "Old Tang" (in fact, I'm not old), we open another pair of shoes. this is the first time to receive USPS (U.S. post office) Priority Mail package, priority delivery, limited to 1 days, postage spent 7.35 U.S. Bojust want to simply introduce the world how many white shoe brands today? What brand of white shoes the best quality? And his outfit! first to think about the jordans on sale online white shoe is how to fire up? about science: long positions, a map so that you understand the Sneaker of the year of birth. white shoe history white shoes but also from the Stan Smith about this pair of shoes started from the last century since 60s, this pair of shoes or Adidas brand single product best selling shoes, the total is said to have sold more than 30 million pairs, and the popular frequency almost becomes a cycle, average every 10 years or so will be able to fire a. Is this 3 classic color: green, red, blue. this pair of shoes was designed in 1963, Adidas signed with Stan Smith, he is a good tennis player the Davis cup. of course, Stan Smith shoes one day will become people's most memorable classic, will always be remembered, and have been sold so far, has become a symbol of the spirit of "striving". Celine brand design director Phoebe Philo to end the curtain in the 2015 spring and summer show, he wore a pair of Adidas Stan Smith; the pony brother during the shows also wore Stan Smith. Many famous fashion designer, Wakubo Rei Yamamoto Teruji, what is almost all Stan Smith fans. designer Raf Simons is a Stan and Smith cooperation models. all s buy cheap jordans online tar street But in addition to the above , white shoes, and the white shoe is very good? What are the we introduce a female version of the popular white shoe brand? GUCCI white shoes (bee, pineapple, beetle) There are two kinds of kind of white shoes popular in the streets of every year, said the quality of white shoes, I think the toe is not easy to crease and this is very important, cheap white shoe most easily out of the problem is that the three toe is not worn, a deep crease, very good rub, but Gucci's white shoe I met the first two does not have this problem. Gucci then pull back to the new Renaissance style, while Alessandro Michele took over the Gucci clothes complicated for ordinary looking but stop, but the design of shoes, but leisurely just perfect, from Muller to the white slippers, Mary Jane shoes shoes red burst. in white shoes, fire early this pair of small bees, one red and one green shoe tail, with Gucci red and green stripes and a little bee. People do not pick. last year. today is the Mid Autumn Festival, the first to say: Happy Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake to eat oh! Vansfans today the editorial collective holiday, so I'm very sorry Retro jordans for sale not to update. we continue to steal some revelations, before the Taka Hayashi x Vans introduced the non sale of the new joint, yesterday this section is traced to play blue. Today is bringing the exposure without offering a joint series of a pair of white shoes, the shoe body still and blue of processing the same way, toe and heel parts of the anti fur production, the other side is part of leather production, inside the pigskin material increase comfort. The appearance design is very simple, the side to cross diamond leather stamping out of shape, also has sole wrapping yesterday we also introduced the unique pattern. The insole heel pad with special leather pad, front has a special hexagonal pattern formed with white sticks. left unexposed shoes still can make nothing of it, please look forward to the official release of this series. [picture] footprint to provide for WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogXTEP power nest 1 running shoes the spring recovery of all things, runners can finally take off the heavy winter clothes on the runway, wanton sweating, tongtongkuaikuai ran on a. Then, the runner should be how to choose a good pair of shoes gallop runway, XTEP brand launched with dynamic nest technology running shoes, with its excellent cushioning experience and high cost, provides a good choice for runners. XTEP 1 equipped with XTEP shoes shoes nest power core technology -- power in the nest, bottom side wall of a beehive fold on the frame can absorb impact force when moving quickly into power, rapid rebound. The bottom of the power nest is made of rebound material, and the elastic rubber liquid is added to the ordinary EVA material to optimize the cushioning and rebound effect, and find the foot experience which is most helpful for the runner to run. XTEP power nest 1 running shoes, big bottom side wall uses a unique honeycomb hexagon structure, running process, honeycomb structure can quickly absorb the impact of movement, feedback for the next step forward power. The greater the force, the stronger the power; in addition, the outsole uses high strength wear-resistant rubber material, escort mileage longer, so that runners run farther. XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes are more concerned with runners' foot support, scaffolding design, and wrapping runners' feet. The honeycomb dynamic support structure is added to the inner part of the shoe to support the running of the runner and protect the feet stably and effectively, and won't hurt because of varus. XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes at the bottom of the structure will slow down and slow down the combination of materials, to enhance the cushioning properties of shoes. The bottom wall of the middle wall forms the honeycomb fold of the frame, absorbs the impact force produced by the sole touching the ground, and further transforms into power to provide safe and effective energy feedback for the runner. XTEP has added special high elastic particles to midsole EVA, which greatly improves the cushioning performance of the material. XTEP power nest 3 running shoes XTEP 3 running shoes with power nest materials whole knitting elastic to create lightweight uppers, into the XTEP exclusive X type texture knitting technology, three-dimensional structure with foot, has good air permeability, so your feet feel comfortable and breathable, after a long time running is not greasy. On the upper, the X support carries the 4D mesh package, which provides a tight support package for the heel during running, and there is no swing during the run. 's new upgraded double density midsole gives runners a more powerful feel of rebound and more effective protection of the foot force zone of the runner. The central side wall adopts honeycomb fold, which can absorb the impact force of the motion quickly, effectively change into power, rebound quickly, release energy, and provide the double layer power of the movement, so as to form a full range of slow vibration effect. XTEP power nest 3 technology running shoes outsole uses modular, high elastic, dual density cushioning material, and according to movement 〉 2012-2-14 15:21 upload and download the attachment (146.53 KB) AIR JORDAN 10; recently on Chicago launched a fierce offensive color AJ10 series products, eBay is also very suitable to the emergence of AIR JORDAN 10 "History of Flight" series of color samples, white shoes, red lining, red outsole. And the black shoes, the whole series is so, but this pair of AIR JORDAN 10, there is a bright spot, that is the "23 side embroidery shoes". This pair of AIR JORDAN 10 is now priced at $3500USD.

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