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Seller services Jingdong promised Jingdong platform seller to sell and deliver goods, from the platform seller to provide invoices and corresponding after-sales service. Please feel free to buy! Air Jordan 1, the first year of color Air Jordan 1, the first year of color launched in 1984, Nike's Jordan named after a pair of sneakers, shoes side also retains the logo of Nike, which is also the only pair of Nike shoes with a pair of hook marks on the side of Jordan. The key technical room in Air Jordan 1 is a built-in air cushion unit. The upper part is made of leather and the outsole of the hard rubber. Although the shoe making process looks so shabby now, it has a special meaning, but it is the most Retro jordans for sale profound of all Jordan's shoes. It marks the beginning of a flying age, and the birth of a brand myth. Jordan and Nike signed a $2 million 500 thousand contract for 5 years, creating a contract for professional athletes to sponsor a double price. Its special style, the red and black color, was banned by the NBA for the competition because the color was too small for a bit of white!" Who would have thought that the ban on NBA has become the best advertisement for Nike, and everyone has a pair of "NBA" banned shoes as an honor. Air Jordan 1 has set off a panic buying spree in the market. In the 1994-95 season, Jordan and the New York team on the road against Nicks, and put on the red and black AJ1. In 19 Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale 95, Nike has launched Air Jjordan 1 copy. in March 8, 1998, Jordan chose the first "flying Jordan shoes."". These shoes were worn by him in 1985. He was little size two, with white and red lace, and the soles were very stiff. Although these shoes don't fit, but the late Jordan scored 42 points. Jordan, 35, made his first ever trapeze action with countless dunks, air flights, falling shots and dazzling footsteps. "I decided to wear these shoes to express my love for the place and the respect people here have for me."." Jordan says. Jumpman in addition, careful readers will find that the shoes are different in the left and right feet. Its purpose is not for different and different, but expressed Cheap foamposites for sale after sharpening, two kinds of non homologous culture of mutual adaptation, mutual integration. since Axin launched its own brand STAY REAL founded, every move has been fans fans attention, this time launched a limited commodity, together with concern! STAYREAL I know the answer formula and physics and chemistry program, I still can not find the answer, I only know that youth can not be checked, then it is better to let me squeeze out a perfect smile, fight it, download (36.3 KB)2004, Nike free technology was first tried to use in Nike's shoes in 2009, Nike officially launched worldwide development of Nike free series of different styles of running shoes and sports shoes Nike free series and Nike cheap foamposites group launched dozens of years of consistent research. The autumn of 2013 Nike will launch a new Nike Exo-Flex products, this type of sample shoes shoes early exposure, shoe body to mesh material black collocation new fly line technology as the main material, seemingly white FREE outsole, at the sole lines, so that we can not help but think of Reebok RealFlex's sole feeling, this is new Nike Exo-Flex sole technology. This sample shoes now on eBay dballaholic on sale, love the early adopters of friends can preview. Nike Dunk is the trend of strong shoes of choice game player, will be released recently in a low-key black color as the flagship of the new, restrained Black Suede covering the entire jordans on sale online shoe body, with the middle block of gold ornament, quite eye-catching collocation to create different levels of beauty. Heel shoes are white tongue together with font selection background, outsole design made of wear-resistant rubber, provides excellent grip for the skateboarding game player. It has not yet been announced the specific release time, interested can pay attention to. Beijing time; on April 13th, the NBA regular season continued. Led by Ross 26 points, the Bulls team third games broke out, to 103-90 victory over Nicks, ushered in 8 consecutive victories, and Nicks ended 7 consecutive victories. The rebounding figures for both teams were huge, 51 for the bulls and 33 for Nicks. The lef buy cheap jordans online t ankle injury, the game stoudemir continued absence. The Bulls raised their record to 61 wins and 20 losses. the full field scores were: 24-27, 28-28, 32-18, 19-17 (bulls in front). The bulls Boozer 14 points and 22 rebounds, Rolle Dunn 23 points and 10 rebounds, Nuo A 13 points and 3 rebounds, Ross 26 points and 3 assists; Nicks' side, Anthony 21 points and 5 rebounds, Sean - Williams 10 points and 3 rebounds, Billups 10 points and 4 rebounds and 8 assists, Bill - Walker 18 points, Douglas 13 points. Anthony was the first to score 2 goals for Nicks after the game. Since then, the two teams score has been anxious. After 11-11 draws in 6 minutes and 49 seconds, Anthony scored 7 points, and Landry scored 2 points to help Nicks make a 9-2 wave in two minutes. However, the next 2 minutes, the bulls under Ross led the score to 20. In the end, Nicks ended the first with 27-24. Bulls Boozer scored 8 points and 9 rebounds, and Nicks, Anthony, scored 11 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists. second, Nicks Jeffries, Douglas, Anthony - Carter and Bill - Walker and other substitutes for play, and continue to maintain a leading edge, and the Bulls bench more mistakes, to 7 minutes and 50 seconds, the bulls have to 9 points behind 31-40. However, after the two sides of the main line-up came on, the Bulls played 10-1 of the climax, the score as 41 flat. After several turns up, Nicks ended the first half with 55-52 lead. in the first half, Anthony played a total of 17 minutes, 15 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists, Billups 10 points and 7 assists; the bulls Rolle Deng played 21 minutes, scored 12 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists, Boozer 10 points and 10 rebounds, Ross 10 points, Nuo A 9. however, surprisingly, the third day half day, the Nicks team offensive team misfiring, only 2 points, and a series of mistakes, Billups midfield pass, Ross steals to help the latter to dunk. During the time, the Bulls scored 18 points, and the score was 70-57. In the second half, Nicks obviously strengthened his strength and tried to find opportunities in defence. 7.7 seconds before the end, Nicks hit the second halfNike published Air Classic BW new color masterpiece this time. This double Air Classic BW formerly known as Air Max BW, as Nike history of the fourth Air Max representative work, in 1991 debut, that is a considerable degree of classic position. This time with white leather as the main design, in the inside, part of upper and outsole with dark blue color, details of the site to the orange embellishment, showing a new look charming design. This pair of Air Classic BW is expected to debut on October, shoes fans who want to start, please look forward to. 2012-9-17 13:43 upload and download attachments (76.41 KB) 2012-9-17 upload and download attachments at 13:43 (83.6, KB)

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