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(global shoe network) as a leader in the field of men's leather shoes, zero leather shoes have always focused on the fashionable and comfortable shoe products back to consumers. Recently, the product development team to prepare carefully, finally for the market launch of the new popular winter shoes. It is reported that new products are basically on shelves in autumn and winter this year. follows the trend of fashion, still attaches importance to quality fashion, comfort has always been the label of zero leather shoes brand, has always been zero leather shoes with fashion design and a high degree of comfort to win the favor of the upstart men. And this zero leather shoes launched in autumn and winter shoe products, followed by the style of elegant style line at the same time, pay more attention to product quality improvement. according to reports, some fashion elements Zero shoes 9a11c fusion Italian handicraft of the most popular elements in time, combined with the needs of the target groups and the development of design in the product development process followed the Italian factor to build, in order to ensure the quality, in the choice of raw materials is better selection of high-quality leather materials. adheres to high performance buy cheap jordans online price ratio and achieves real product raw material control, process of carving and R & D team European fashion tour for the development of fresh blood and so on are zero shoes points, this season's winter footwear products, whether it is design or product quality, have reached a higher level, Zero shoes still adhere to the "high price" the strategy, which is also one of the reasons caused the attention of many consumers Zero shoes after the release of new products. "if the purchase of the same category of other brands of products in the same price, it was hard to get similar Zero shoes styles, quality shoes, leather shoes Zero online network spread, consumer purchase without geographical restrictions, but the price is extremely transparent." Zero leather shoes market leader said. creates perfect life and highlights men's charm With the advent of zero winter shoes and new styles of , more and more new men have experienced the comfortable and elegant wearing experience brought by this new product. "embodies a nice pair of shoes can be a better man upstart charm, Zero shoes new products not only comfortable, reasonable price, more important is to meet the demand for high quality products, reasonable price, confident and calm the wearer." O Cheap foamposites for sale ne buyer of zero leather shoes said. this, the zero leather shoes product related person in charge elaborated, "creates creates the consumer satisfaction the product and the service, is the zero leather shoes has shouldered the responsibility. This is also the core brand culture and brand value of zero leather shoes can be improved and spread the basis of precipitation." (Global shoes network editor Takeshi)The design of Vans's founder line has always been bold a riot of colours, the launch of the new? "True White/ Mahalo", this pair of shoes upper and lower body around the exception of used horizontally arranged MAHALO words close layout coverage, which also used red orange yellow green blue, light blue, gray, deep color filled fonts, dazzling to incapable of further increase. Finally, wear white shoes, is located in the waffle outsole and shoe standard replaced Van Doren logo. Price: 73.78 euros. type: VN-VVHQC7K WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogAAPE x Reebok Insta Pump Fury domestic release information released 2013-12-08 23:35:23 camouflage fever, sports brand Reebok also through this wave to invite the most good camouflage design Japane cheap foamposites se brand Bape subsidiary brand AAPE, the two sides together for us to offer this very feeling AAPE x trend; Reebok Insta Pump Fury. The AAPE brand will be the iconic AAPE Moonface camouflage pattern covering shoes shoe body, tongue, heel pull ring are also loaded with AAPE Logo ape. The shoes also retain the built-in Pump technology, just tap the toe of the shoe body pump, balloon inflatable instant, so that the whole of the shoe becomes lighter more foot, wear comfortable. It is reported that , the AAPE x Reebok Insta Pump; Fury in mid September will be the exclusive landing Beijing Lafayette department store AAPE store (Xidan North Street, Beijing City No. 110 Xicheng District Galeries Lafayette B1 B1.3 unit), the price of 1699RMB. Air Jordan 4 parts shoes landing Nike U.S. official website suspected replenishment sale 2015-09-16 15:24:16 today, Nike official website of the United States released a new online lottery system in order to make up for the loopholes and defects, the part of Air Jordan series has a replenishment, where Air Jordan 4 " Oreo" and Air; Jordan 4 " Laser" two pairs of shoes have attracted a lot of attention. You know, the two shoes domestic market shortage and the price is not low, do not know the offic Retro jordans for sale ial website of the United States this move is a commercially available program replenishment or only for the website update testing done, at present we have not yet seen, but the site of the last few days or trends we focus on the important focus, interested friends you may pay more attention. "no Baba. How can I go home?"" This is an impressive and set people thinking of advertisements, some parents are worried that the children lost, trying to give children more protection, but some parents think that children lost things won't happen to me, a serious lack of safety awareness. Please look at all parents, July 25th Dongguan most beautiful products conference Baba smart shoes special, high precision positioning, patent design, fashion comfortable artifact, to treasure the love of children's guardian. in Dongguan in July 25th the most beautiful products conference Baba smart shoes special, Dongguan radio and Television Center, take the child and the host "about" Dongguan TV "baby" Douding presenter and model for endorsement of Baba shoes "" "Ba Ba children's shoes" is a famous local children's shoes brand in Dongguan. It has a history of 13 years. The factory is located in Dongguan town of Liaobu, and won the title of "five children's sho jordans on sale online es" in Guangdong. From the beginning of 2009, the company to join ZTE electronics spent more than two years of R & D and production of the world's first real time positioning shoes, designed for children aged 2-16, to achieve real-time positioning and mobile phone APP remote operation via GPS+LBS base station, has been successfully applied for two patents, from "Dongguan manufacturing" high quality products "made in Dongguan development" excellent brand. in Dongguan in July 25th the most beautiful product launches, Baba's epoch-making concessions, children's shoes, old shoes and intelligent smart shoes are common as low as half off sales, online shopping is also cheaper than a dollar auction; intelligent positioning shoes, we come to "bargain"; of course, draw links, online registration, shopping lottery small lottery, thousand yuan vouchers and bag stationery, there have sent you fruitful. Dongguan charity conscience enterprise eager to solve the problem of children lost Dongguan Baba shoes, Guangdong shoes top five enterprises Baba shoes as a 13 year history of the high-quality shoes brand enterprises, production and sales of the past common fashion shoes, quality, sales stable, was awarded the Guangdong shoes top five title of the pro Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale duction market, there are a number of stores in Dongguan, Tmall, Taobao, open WeChat and other Internet sales channels, are welcomed by consumers. According to the Baba shoes Market Manager Mr. Luoping said, more and more children lost and missing elderly, child trafficking happens now, in 2009 when I heard that 20 children lost or abducted a month, the company decided to study the production of children's shoes intelligent positioning efforts to prevent children from getting lost. has obtained two patents of Ba smart positioning shoesThe research and development of intelligent positioning children's shoes, the whole process has experienced more than two years, technical problems, design problem, location problem need to break one by one, how to improve product safety, practicality, versatility, positioning accuracy, occupy most of the R & D inspection and debugging time. Finally, the world's first real reality followed the signing of the European top track and field event, the European indoor track and Field Championships, and at the beginning of 2015, PEAK again completed the "big action" in the field of running". The day before, in the "innovation driven, dream world" PEAK sports 2014 annual national distributor awards ceremony, PEAK and the 2015 IAAF World Athletics challenge (Beijing Railway Station) and Dalian International Marathon officially signed, the top two became the official partner of the international track and field events. At the same time, with the top two tournament platform, PEAK launched a new generation equipped with multi-core stretch technology Wyatt ran three generation "shoes, the product has been on sale in the PEAK 6000 physical stores and the official online shop, Tmall flagship store and other online platforms. While is participating in the international top events, PEAK will also strengthen the interactive communication with grassroots friends. Following the 2014 hand in hand "love running · Beijing", for the Beijing run friends brought four stations full of passionate mass run activities. PEAK this year again participated in the "love run · Beijing" series of mass run from April to October, became the official partner. At the same time, PEAK also use this platform, launched a new upgraded products - Wyatt run run three generation "series of running shoes, and run · in" love; Beijing "activities, provide the majority of the capital run on-site experience and interaction. pointed out that PEAK designer, Wyatt ran the three generation of shoes, the continuation of the previous generation products are proud of the shock structure design, increase the sole cushioning squeezed space, the Wyatt ran three generation has stronger in running the anti deformation performance, while maintaining the stability, greatly enhance the damping performance. In addition, Wyatt ran the three generation is still a key front force area, increasing the area of rubber, create superior grip and durability, enhance its service life". Yue run three generation running shoes and one of the biggest bright spot -- color. Blue sky, white clouds, green hills, green water, red flowers, pink apricot...... Running along the way through the natural beauty of the scenery is PEAK designer color refining, and in Wyatt ran three generation color design, so as to bring the "return to nature" in sports experience, enjoy the natural health is the most primitive charm. (global shoe net plum editor)Wrestle with everythingSina sports news in this suffocating match UPS, substitute Mario gotze finally settled, he took 113rd minutes schurrle pass first stop chest, left foot volley homeopathic, the whole action at one go, the perfect ball incisively and vividly. lattice policy and gotze in the final wearing shoes is Nike in March this year released a new Magista (ghost card) shoes, the shoes for the first time using Flyknit technology, and allow your feet closer to the ball, the ball players to help enhance the sense and control force. For the pair of sneakers, he was also praised, and in his opinion, wearing Magista (ghost card), the shoes feel like a part of the body, gave him a wonderful sense of the ball. from the early 90s, many Nike shoes are equipped with Air Max technology, followed by shock absorber configuration. This time the Nike Air Max Correlate was also a representative of the time, after a few decades later, this classic shoes with today's fashion color to meet with us again. This shoe body with red net surface material as base material, toe and heel shoes with black leather trim collocation stable body, white shoes, Swoosh lace holes and heel label is so striking, while the white bottom on a black decorative design and dazzling red AIR MAX window air cushion design that is to add a sense of color and vitality of the shoes, do not let us think of the 90s peak of the Chicago bulls color. This section is now available on Finish Line, and friends like you can pay attention to it. 2012-6-4 08:39 upload and download attachments (81.81 KB)

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