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Jordan Westbrook 0 brand new color exposed 2015-10-09 13:35:35 Jordan Brand Westbrook launched the first signature shoe Jordan Westbrook 0 days ago, once again exposed a new color, the designer will render the snakeskin texture in the vamp, together to create high quality leather with white. The whole is extremely suitable for its power flow position, although we have not seen Wei Wei wearing it to attend some occasions, but believe it will be less favorite. It is reported that the shoes will soon be on sale, the number is 768934-027, interested friends may wish to focus. Reebok Kamikaze II " Easter" April 2014-05-06 22:47:16 spring comes in April, Reebok launched a new 2014 Reebok Kamikaze II "Easter" engraved shoes. April coincides with the annual Easter, and Easter egg is the new Kamikaze II design inspiration, change the traditional black and white dull color matching, shoes with fresh Light Green main color to expre Retro jordans for sale ss the rich flavor of the spring. And the white medium is the symbol of the sacred lily lily, in addition to the details of the yellow, like stamens. Spring is the lily blooming season, the recovery of all things, Spring returns to the good earth. such a Kamikaze, II enough to be felt everywhere full of vigour, a thriving atmosphere. Retail price of shoes: 980 yuan.Air Jordan the latest Wade brought 2010 new Dark Knight color, with black grey suede and black charcoal perforated material design, metal silver outsole with translucent red. An independent front sole provides strength and support, while the foot is flexed and free of the limitations of the forefoot. The front sole cover utilizes mesh gaskets to provide comfort and light breathability. The holes ensure the breathability of the basketball shoes and keep the shoes light. In particular the collar of the shoe pad into a separate mold raphe unit, enhance the fit of basket Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ball shoes. The asymmetric collar line design, improve the fit of the ankle. download (132.31 KB)〈br 2010-5-17="" 10:44. C9 S7 Y4 P5 P+ B5? download (163.99 KB)〈br 2010-5-17="" 10:44$e- W (`1 W H0 W: Z*}$}$! G download (122.87 KB)〈br 2010-5-17="" 10:448 P& Y5 t* S1 D @! Download (198.32 KB)〈br 2010-5-17="" 10:44adidas's most popular the Kuraishi Yi Shu joint series end because last season and successfully ends, the name has become the trend of the history of a story, although no ObyO, but under the other two line David Beckham/Design J. Bond and Jeremy Scott will continue to launch new the product, just changed a new name. Adidas, by, David, Beckham/Design, J., Bond, and Adidas by Jeremy Scott. No matter how the name changes, the designer or those familiar with our name, the product will continue the style of the ObyO era. We have seen the devil's Jeremy Scott 2012 shoes release, wings, these anima Cheap foamposites for sale l classical ideas still exist, still give us the visual impact. Next, let's focus on the "Adidas by David Beckham/Design J. Bond" with English gentlemen's wind. Two pairs of new shoes let us preview a little details of 2012 new series, two pairs of shoes adidas shoes represent the past and present, if it is retro trend, light permeability is now the essence of sport. The essence of ClimaCool always hold this movement, bring fresh experience for us, and bring the David Beckham cooperation new inspiration, orange or black color will be the perfect shoes to show the excellent performance, but also the cooperation project of ClimaCool series for the first time and modern shoes a fusion, show the simple lines of more for the British style movement. Another pair of retro shoes is this pair of ZX800, these shoes again appear as classic design again, and the color will die, choose fluorescent color, increase expression. The ancient or cheap foamposites modern, choose Adidas to give you a different, split personality fashion collocation. Nike Huarache 2K4 head of Amir Johnson personal customized version of 2013-12-08 22:41:27 is played for the Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson has been put on the shoes Air Jordan rise above the common herd, 11 ", Air; Concord" Jordan 12 " Flu Game" these classic shoes have appeared at his feet. It is the start of the season, the player again in the shoes do the work, game against the Pacers, Johnson is wearing a pair of personal customized version of the Nike Huarache 2K4, this pair of shoes is the biggest bright spot is the toe loading a Johnson cartoon picture, very interesting. Nike Blazer High 2013-12-08 22:40:13 version of snake skin exposure next year coincides with Nike's classic shoes Nike Nike Sportswear Blazer was born in 40th anniversary, to celebrate this important moment, will be launched a special version of Nike Blazer shoes. Indeed, recently, the network will be exposed using a snakeskin shoe material. From the exposure of the picture, the Nike Blazer High with a white leather uppers collocation green decorative details, is also loaded with a grey fender, and the material is being used in skin Swoosh, and metallic snakeskin material, very eye-catching. It is reported that the Nike Blazer High will be in the next version of snake about the sale, we have patience.Homage to the hall of fame 2017 Adidas Tracey · Mcgrady's China tour officially unveiled 2017-11-10 23:42:24 Adidas joined NBA legendary superstar Tracey · Mcgrady came back to China again to celebrate his formal selection in Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. Since entering the NBA in 1997, Maddie has brought many magical moments and memories to the fans. 35 seconds 13 comeback Maddie, 2 time scoring champion, all NBA team 2 times, 7 time NBA all star, Maddie deserved in the hall of fame. The Chinese trip, Maddie came to Shanghai Jingpin shopping center and SOGO, with the majority of Chinese fans celebrate into the hall of fame of this memorable moment, bring a copy of the T-mac for Maddie fans; 5 limited the shoes and the hall of fame tribute Special Edition t-shirt. 11 9 afternoon, Maddie first came to the Shanghai Jingpin shopping center, to participate in the recording of Maddie Hall of fame tribute special program. In the interview with Maddie, Maddie reviewed his career, exposed his mind, and reviewed Maddie's moments, Maddie's selection of the hall of fame, and Maddie's previous trip to China for a series of pictures. After the fans recorded the film, the host invited the fans to show their collection on the stage, and told the story of their collection, and the story with Maddie. Subsequently, Maddie accepted the media interview, after the interview was completed, Maddie and his party went to Adidas department store in the light department stores and fans close interaction. many Maddie loyal fans came to Adidas basketball specialized shop, with a shout after another, for their basketball God Tracey · Mcgrady to help out. In store activities, Maddie first received dozens of media interviews. The end part of the group's visit, Maddie also took the site replica of T-mac 5 limited boots and salute hall special edition T-shirt printing 50 lucky fans signed photo, and encourage fans in the life and learning process should be like 35 seconds to 13 minutes of Maddie moment, believe in miracles and strive to create a miracle. At the end of the shopping center and the crystal Jiuguang store Adidas basketball 2017 Adidas Tracey · Mcgrady tribute Hall of fame after the event, Maddie also will be held tomorrow and the fans continue to share a video connection to the Smith Basketball Hall of fame joy.

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