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Ning Zetao becomes ADI spokesperson (January 3, 2017, Shanghai) today, the global sports innovation leading brand Adidas announced officially launched the Chinese market customized 2017 marketing campaign theme of "I am one in a billion, to Chinese consumers to better communicate the brand since 2015 to build in the core of the concept of" global movement of creativity". In more than one billion and three hundred million of the population China, everyone is the one and only exist, probably because creativity and become out of the ordinary, and sports is an excellent platform for everyone to express themselves and break through the sound, immutable and frozen. It encourages everyone to challenge dogma, break boundaries, develop ideas, and indulge in creative exercise and unlimited fun in sport. At the same time, Adidas announced the two very creative movement China new generation of sports master - swimmers, volleyball players Ning Ze Tao Hui Ruoqi officially joined the brand endorser lineup, sports performance in their unconventional and full of creativity, stimulate Chinese sports participants more exercise their creativity "wake up". Adidas global brand communications vice presi Retro jordans for sale dent Ryan Morlan said: "every shot, every swing, each section is to create opportunities to dribble. We want to make people realize that sports need creative people. Real athletes not only train hard, they are also good at using imagination and creativity to push the game to a whole new level. What we call motion creativity is to encourage and search for creators who can transcend and break the dogma of motion from action to brain holes!" in recent years, with the vigorous development of sports industry and culture in China, more and more people have participated in it. In the sports field is full of challenges and competition, mining potential, hard work can enhance physical fitness and exercise level, but activists were inevitably trapped in congenital conditions and restrictions on the rules of the rigid understanding. Adidas believes that in addition to the day-to-day efforts, the use of will, wisdom and imagination in sports, the release of intrinsic potential, and constantly enhance the performance of sports, it is the performance of creativity. Adidas joined hands with Ning Zetao, Hui Ruoqi, two Chinese new generation athletes, but also based on this view. As the outstandin cheap foamposites g athletes popular, young both at home and abroad on the field of excellence, there are also "90" generation of individuality, they are the creators of Adidas motion are looking for: ? He not only created the Asian dare not to think of the 100 meter freestyle record; he believed in this short hundred meters track, with training and adhere to the day in and day out year after year, creating a miracle never happened. He's a good swimmer, Ning Zetao. from playing to winning the Olympic Games, she experienced a late, questioned, injury surgery, a difficult road. She did not follow the rules, so limited, but instead of a unique "change ball" approach against fate. 〉Before announced in April this year will launch a white version of the Air Jordan V "Grape" after a series of new products, customized version also started the crazy "grape" color design, of course, a black leather color as the main body of the Air Jordan V "Grape" the most exciting. Through that shoe, as if Jordan Brand has also been inspired, there will be today we see this Air Jordan V Black Grape new products, this paragraph will be sold as a city sale later this year. The new Air Jordan 5 will be made of black s Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale uede with a pair of water, blue and purple detail, and finally with a crystal outsole and water blue small shark tooth decorations.AIR FORCE 1 in the street can be seen everywhere in Nike "Banxie", which are the identity of cover up it was brilliant. As Nike's signature shoes, low version of almost any time to the Nike store you can buy all white color. All white concise form and thick in the bottom, it has become a symbol of the. This pair of basketball shoes produced in 1982, is the world's first equipped with air cushion basketball shoes is a milepost type of Nike in the history of science and technology works. you know, in 70s, basketball shoes is almost no damping technology. In AIR FORCE 1 at the end of the rear, there is a conspicuous & quot; AIR& quot; logo shoes three out of four is air, it is called air-sole". For help, help, help low style; and is divided into C (Foundation), P (Senior), S (supreme level) and the luxurious pure hand made in Italy L. The sole use of the commonly used wear-resistant outsole, rounded shape directly by later AIR JORDAN 1 and DUNK for reference, can be said to be the benchmark of basketball shoes. Because of too much success, the late launch Cheap foamposites for sale of the AIR FORCE 2, AIR FORCE 3 and AIR FORCE 180 are unable to copy the classic flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, flourishing. A few years before the launch of AIR FORCE 25 is to change people on this pair of basketball shoes to understand the classic shoes. said AIR FORCE had mentioned 1 retired Rachid · Wallace. It can be said that he is AIR FORCE 1 diehard, in modern basketball, braving the risk of injury still persist in his battle. His 3 straight arm and feet with the help of high AIR shooting LOGO FORCE 1 became a legend. This pair of shoes is also the first person "Lei School", designed for interior design; while flying outside players designed "wind school" the first person is the famous AIR JORDAN 4. This shoe is obviously low help version is more popular, high style is more suitable for the woman with shorts, looks like the flavor. But although these shoes are not suitable for small enough to tide, jeans, will be very boring, can be considered slightly loose trousers. Keep the C for many years the stage version of the price of 699 yuan Nike finally put down the integrity rose to more than 700 of the price, but price increases you can't complain too much. If you think the price is a little higher, consider the Jingdong of all white color low version now sold only 389 yuan, really save money online shopping when Jordan first saw this pair of shoes directly to the Nike staff said: "this pair of shoes how there are so many colors, too ugly! I don't want to wear it!" Shoe designer Pete · Moore let Jordan put shoes back, "you can wear it for a while, maybe you will love it. If it is not satisfied, then I 〉OFF-WHITE day before the release of new style special "US". Special brand spring 2017 "Mirror Mirror" and "Business Woman" series of products, to analyze the design language of the. Eye-catching printing, plaid, striped, sweaters, shirts and camouflage elements into the design of T-shirt, showing the possibility of wear in different seasons. The series is now available for sale at OFF-WHITE Toronto stores. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Next year, there will be a new shoes to join the Hyperfuse family, that is, the immediate Nike Air Max Hyperguardup. Nike Air Max Hyperguardup uses the Hyperfuse vamp to increase breathability while adding a visible Max air cushion to the heel, with a standard herringbone outsole to ensure friction in actual combat. The five colors sold in 2012 are white / casino, blue / white, white / red, red / white, white / Canyon, green / white, white / Midnight Blue / metallic silver, black / white. Nike Air Max Hyperguardup sell for $100USD, expect domestic prices will not be too high?. Nike SB board released a series of two new color shoes recently, including Blazer Mid CS Omar Salazar black and white and purple and white two styles, vibrant color and comfortable suede materials make shoes not only practical and street flavor, for the summer to add a new style of a single product, the love friends must be check.from the beginning of 1994, COMME des GAR? ONS has produced more than 75 perfume, because some have long lapse, or limited sale, many COMME des GAR? ONS fans may also find once favorite flavor. But recently COMME des GAR ONS favorite perfume? Blessed are the friends, the day before the brand has announced that it will begin in May this year, SODA, TAR, NOMAD to launch TEA STICKY, CAKE Olfactory Library and a total of ten series of different flavors of perfume, let you have obsessed with the taste. It is reported that the Olfactory Library series will start in May 13th landed in Paris COMME des GAR ONS Dover Street? Market perfume shop, London, New York, Ginza store and CdG store first sale, then in June 19th gradually added in the global scope, please look forward to you. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! [Vans] shoes net this season to join the famous British printing business Liberty launched the latest joint project, the two sides through the printing pattern rendering a fairy tale plot, with the Liberty signs of the floral patterns and cartoon elements into the pattern, with the classic shape contour and the bottom, for us to create a the smell of the streets. It is reported that the series will be white valentine's day landing brand designated shops and online shop sales, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it at that time in March 14th. (global shoe net plum editor)

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