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Chuck Posite in its appearance to be everyone's attention, recently, Nike announced in November 11th will be on-line this shoe customized services, the Posite part can be customized for your favorite color, crystal bottom with luminous effect. But it costs a lot of money to make such high shoes. How about the price of $270? In addition, it is unknown whether there is a custom plan for this section in our country. ; Lining smart running shoes surprise listing, ultra-high cost, leveraging the market. July 15th, the Li Ning Co officially released two smart shoes with high cost, strong Chun smart version offer price of 399 yuan in Beijing, the red hair intelligent version of the price of 199 yuan in July 20th, Lining took the lead in the fierce Chun intelligent version of Tmall's flagship store opened in July 28th two pre-sale, smart shoes will be landing in the Tmall platform, in August 8 Lining the official website of Tmall, Lining Lining, the Jingdong flagship store flagship store and millet network will be synchronized on sale. The two products for core research and development based on Lining SMART and millet moving big data cloud technology platform, t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale o create "professional equipment + intelligent hardware + mobile Internet plus data sharing" four-dimensional three-dimensional intelligent platform, provide experience for consumers to run multiple, open a new era of Lining brand into the "Internet plus movement" in the field of life experience. two exclusive functions: in the name of wisdom, for runningLining smart shoes the release of the Chinese run tailored two exclusive intelligent function: before and after landing state analysis and accurate frequency monitoring. The core of China Zhi shoes bottom arch implant, can run real-time acquisition data processing algorithm based on professional data, accurate feedback to the consumers through the millet APP, running monitoring to intelligent drive high quality running experience, allow consumers to easily embrace smart running life. in recent years, with the rise of wearable devices, consumers for health monitoring of unprecedented enthusiasm, in sharp contrast, consumers on physical performance when running the curiosity is far from being satisfied. Lining smart shoes should be consumer needs, in addition to conventional function of distance, pace and route, calori Retro jordans for sale e consumption, first to achieve before and after landing state analysis and accurate frequency monitoring of the two functions is an important index to evaluate the running quality and the prevention of injuries: on the one hand, runners can according to the feedback analysis of landing an intuitive understanding of their posture, then targeted to choose their own shoes, improve posture to prevent injuries, and can run according to the monitoring before and after the effective training for gait; on the other hand, in the precise frequency monitoring under the help of the runners in the scientific training under the guidance of gradually to improve the frequency, improve running performance, but also can consciously shorten step, decrease injury rates, to achieve the ultimate goal to run faster and better. At the same time as , millet ecological chain enterprises, founder of millet bracelet, China Science and technology set up a professional team of more than 40 people, to create a smart chip - China Zhixin Lining smart shoes ingenuity, continue to pursue the ultimate performance. Intelligent power management algorithm was built, the small capacity battery is less than 200m Cheap foamposites for sale Ah, can reach more than 1 years of life, so the user's normal running shoes use cycle, without any charge; and China intellectual core using more than IPX7 waterproof standard, do no matter sunny rain, a year running. The position of China Zhi core team Lining 〉 after itSome black technology things Jiang Tianlai today and you talk about Putian high imitation shoes boost, and whether it is worthwhile to buy, buy is just perfect? first, about boost technology. gehangrugeshan, some words really can not talk, otherwise the consequences will be grievous. boost (etpu) is a kind of industrial material, abroad has broken through the technical difficulties, why we can not break the manufacturing power? look at the news. get the hand is long like this, peace popcorn like drops of from the history of NIKE, domestic brands shipped out, Fujian has accumulated technology and capital advantage very deep in doing sports shoes, or the domestic mainstream brand won't be elected in Fujian under orders. Most of the enterprises in our country is lack of innovation ability. even put the concept of intellectual property rights of the overwhelming publicity, there will alway cheap foamposites s be people's economic conditions can not meet the growing material needs. There is market demand, imitation shoes came into being. imitation is not good shoes to see is the imitation of shoes, such as the Air Jordan 4 generation bulls oncoming is a circle and bought a genuine feeling, people can get to know in the hands of the imitation goods. good imitation imitation shoes, all materials and goods counter, just to run Street pressure is also very good, such as this pair of shoes Adidas ultra imitation boost luminous, and counter boost materials used as like as two peas. shoes pictures are fakes, for example by. ------------------------------------------- shady secretly broke ---------------------------------------------------- please don't believe X treasure inside the Hongkong residents, 99% are false, such as following purchasing small ticket, 2 yuan a. Don't believe that express They can use the on-line . The time when the so-called express on-line is sent will be delayed one day But showed Shanghai to Hongkong or Shenzhen, hit the three address.. In fact, the goods are sent to Putian this article after all is still in order to answer the purpose, imitation goods and genuine gap between how much from the side also reflects the strong degree of accumulation in China's shoe-making process technology. in China, intellectual property rights are not protected and the corresponding attention, of course is not only the brand awareness of such a simple thing. The 〉 ??????asics gt sdf shop japanese fashion Roberto Cavalli Pre Fall Collection Photos Vogue gt sdf" /〉 cadet caps Texture into Sudoku by Jennie Rayment amazing shoes uk Enchanted nice handbags for ladies Roberto Cavalli Pre Fall Collection Photos Vogue mens basketball shoes size Emily Free Wilson biker wallet kit Gemini Daily Astro Do you read your own tarot cards Read them for free online right now Visit iFate com today asics gt sdf Feature x Saucony brand new joint Courageous "Belgian Waffle" sweet breakfast and upgrade 2017-03-02 17:55:00 Feature, a well-known sneaker store in Las Vegas, and Saucony, the 100 year professional running sports brand in the United States, released the first "Bacon &, Eggs" at the end of 2016, and once again presented a brand new breakfast series "Belgian Waffle". This paragraph still continues the concept of creative design, bold choice of brown, yellow collision color matching. in the body of the shoe material, mix the leather, suede and Nubuck washed silk to show "Waffle" and "syrup" delicate texture, and dazzling color 3M wave details are presented and show ingenuity if the particle and mint leaves the delicate delicious. In addition, the sole chooses the middle bottom design with brown spots, and the outsole is loaded with Waffle rubber outsole with custom patterns. Feature x Saucony Courageous "Belgian Waffle" is expected in 2017.3.3 in the famous domestic brand store 3NITY and its Saucony stores synchronous sale, the price is 1069 yuan. Reebok officially released new shoes Q96 2013-12-08 23:47:17 "answer" Iverson really want to formally bid farewell to the basketball court, according to U.S. media news, Iverson in October 31st 76 the team new season opener on the home court officially announced his retirement news, although this day to us a few months ago would have expected, but when it comes, the heart is still five mixed. At this time, the official Reebok has officially released a version of the Reebok Q96, this shoe is in order to commemorate Iverson's brilliant rookie season, Reebok with its first signature shoe Question 1 is modeled to create, and to Iverson's rookie year named, shoes are shoes head and lace holes with the same Question design. It is reported that this Reebok Q96 will be on sale in November 1st. s Q0!?; J; A1 z& K1 T- e+ G X+ n- E'X' `5 W% # M thunder team victory in the Christmas wars in New York Nicks, Westbrook was wearing a white and blue color of the Air Jordan 10 " Christmas" PE. White upper with blue midsole and netting, with details dotted with red. Were it not for Christmas, it would have been a perfect match for thunder colors. 3 U8 S3 D, P ~ ); q+ |1, all video source Youku, we just share, do not store any video. If you have any questions or doubts about the video content (e.g., illegal infringement), please contact the ["] address; 〉 feedback, provide the video ID number: XMTcwNzM0Nzk1Ng==, or provide a link to this video in broadcast link address: 2, if you allow video playback in, and don't allow me to play station, please send mail to , and marked "not allowed outside the station to play, we will be processed within 48 hours.

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