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Nike Lunar Presto latest color chart appreciation 2013-12-08 23:11:01The to bring this upcoming Nike Lunar Presto the new color new tours, vamp uses turquoise color with yellow green Nike LOGO and lace embellishment, this shoe is still using Flywire fly line design, on foot feeling quite fashionable, the shoes will be on sale next month NSW retail stores love friends hurriedly follow our pictures to look at the shoes. Nike Air Penny V 2013-12-08 22:19:25 spy Feinikesi sun black green day before the Internet exposure at the end of this year's upcoming penny Hardaway's latest Nike Air Penny V signature shoes two color the latest pictures, launched a signature shoe for a retired veteran status, visible penny on fans, fans of the shoes, before we bring a series of Nike Air Penny V spy, and Feinikesi is the sun color cheap foamposites exposure before exposed, release time is December, priced at $160. A dark green color and the other is the first exposure, no specific information is unknown, the relevant information about Nike Air Penny V, we will continue to focus.has become a cultural symbol of the shoe brand Converse, since the most recent collaboration with Gorillaz shoes after release, now Converse has announced with another popular band Green Day cooperation joint shoes, since 1987 has been active in music since about 20 years of Green Day on 90s, the music has caused no small impact. Now, Converse Green Day released by the Dookie album as the main visual design of Converse Chuck Taylor, the future release trend, will cause Green Day fans buying craze! However, the date of the sale of the shoes is still uncertain, and the friends who are interested Retro jordans for sale will be patient. 2012-9-26 14:34 upload and download attachments (137.14 KB) American brand CR (Creative Recreation) recently announced a new 2012 spring summer shoes CESARIO LO XVI new products. The new design in the design of uppers made deliberately polished, do the old effect, so that canvas uppers look more historical. American young brand CR spring summer new shoes announced American young brand CR spring summer new shoes announced American young brand CR spring summer new shoes announced In addition to the standard color black has also increased the effect of blue and cowboy very active youth rose red, especially the blue version, in the washing grinding uppers and embraced the color of the cowboy flavor under the heel.will play in the whole shoe ring, Converse (CONVERSE) is the most admirable. jordans on sale online the most classic All Star canvas shoes next year will be one hundred years old, still maintain a strong vitality, thanks to the CONVERSE brand of cultural output and the vast number of consumers opened the brain hole. is like the old, dirty, old CONVERSE that was introduced before, and this is the cultural product of CONVERSE fans. of course, although there are some personalized love, but with the rest of us, all canvas shoes became their canvas, they write, graffiti playing awfully. CONVERSE official at the people playing so High, my heart itch, to find the artist playing the joint. Celebrity portraits, albums, CD covers, and street graffiti all moved to shoes. still feel uncomfortable, CONVERSE began to learn from the fashion industry, playing a big material platter, what damage washing, wool, down jacket, al Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale l moved to shoes. although some shoes really break through the aesthetic bottom line of most people, but there is a series even if "ugly", still people feel fondle admiringly, that is, every year CONVERSE Spring Festival will be out of the new year series. twelve zodiac signs change year by year, CONVERSE Zodiac shoes are also out every year. Although I know this is the marketing means of businessmen, there are still many people like it. After all, to receive international brand blessing when you are feeling good year of fate, attention. goes forward for two years to see the year of the sheep, the year of the monkey, and what CONVERSE has released". is the first 2015 years of the sheep limited money, dazzle gold and the use of Chinese auspicious elements, bring auspicious meaning, sheepskin shoes first class of Cheap foamposites for sale small details of the design, "sheep gas"". 2016 the year of the monkey shoes design inspiration from the journey to the west, with the road to learn and jingubang elements; but this is the year of the monkey team sharp feeling too abstract, if the body of the shoe print an inhibition of , it would be perfect! hasn't arrived in 2017, but CONVERSE's joint series this year is ready to take off. Today, the team will take you to taste this chicken in advance". 2017 New Year "cockfighting shoes" for the first time by All Star II, Nike Lunarlon has a super soft insole, Juegan than classic All Star much better. All Star standard, and the left and right foot heel stays "20" and "17" are the new year exclusive design details.How high can a pair of comfortable high heels be? The latest series of Rupert Sanderson has brought designers' skills to a new height, and their shoes have reached a new height. Of course, Sanderson's iconic, streamlined styling is still the most attractive place for these shoes.Not long ago, the station has just introduced the Hunt Boots shoe brand Yuketen received after the Yuketen Native Cree Boots of subsequent products will also be developed, the continuation of Hunt Boots rubber sole, its shape and material also more ornamental, abandon the seven design instead of using similar Native American ethnic characteristics and creative interspersed with Beaded rope shoes in order to improve, and uppers of shoes body comfortable, fabric material relative to adopt more soft wool and suede material, and unique lace design has become another big attraction, cute, lovely crafted under the style will let you out.Australia famous snow boots brand eMU new autumn and winter series debut, Kary Kary Ng taste choice, Australia famous snow boots brand eMU, new autumn and winter series debut, Kary Kary Ng taste choice I.T's more famous Australian ugg boots brand eMU by material and exquisite style has been well received by the public support, more attracted to the stylish and fashionable singer Kary Ng (Kary) by example, in October 18th in Tongluowan 1 hysanavenue I.T attended the eMU conference series of autumn and winter. Kary picked up in the series of leopard boots for demonstration, more carefully to this trend of hot election personal leather pants for costume, appearance and dress style she perfectly with comfortable and delicate eMU boots, is absolutely the taste of! Conference, Kary with its fashionable clothing experience, for the audience to introduce different styles of dress with eMU boots, bring distinctive styling. , the Australian shoe brand eMU, makes shoes from soft, durable sheepskin, and the insistence on the use of good quality materials has made eMU popular, and the snow boot is its most pleasing design. Its design concept comes from the environment of nature, comfort and exquisite details are important links in the design. EMU autumn and winter snow boots in the series, in addition to the classic black and beige, with sweet pink and purple; with buttons or rope details add snow boots fashion sense, Kary love the leopard style more stylish see delicate; the snow boots inside is all wool soft design, in the cold in the warm season to warm your feet. EMU new series of winter and winter boots has been sold in I.T and ete in china. share to:

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