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Nike Lunar Force 1 "Liquid Metal Pack" 2014-02-24 21:07:41 the new tour not long ago upon exposure was welcomed by the friends concerned trendsetter Lunar Force 1 "Liquid Metal Pack" on the front and new photos photos released, the continuation of the shoes at the end of last year the liquid metal series design style, with silver and gold respectively to create the two extremely luxurious Lunar Force 1, white the Lunarlon on the bottom of ink is also injected into the details, quite magnificent, the designer also added the chemical symbol shoe tongue corresponding sign. At present, this series has been sold in limited shops abroad, and it will not be known whether it will be landed in China or not. 〈br full="" of="" modern="" fashion="" model="" to="" help="" women="" self="" expression="" puma="" released="" winter="" 2016="" xtreme="" new="" series="" women's="" 2016-11-01="" 11:28:02 China Shanghai (October 31, 2016) the world famous sports brand PUMA released a new series of women's winter 2016 XTREME, PUMA unique movement style based on the new series of creative means of modern women Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale show a bold chic style, help women self expression. PUMA 2016 autumn and winter XTREME series of women's clothing, with the concrete expression means, explained its "you are like this" brand concept: bravely explore, shape and adhere to the real ID. PUMA encourages more women through the visual presentation of clothing from the inside of the expression of personality, sense of mixed elements of 2016 XTREME and a series of ladies have all-match, not only suitable for sports wear, and the streets of the eye. as its "XTREME" name, PUMA this series of women's clothing can be used "extreme" word to describe, with exaggerated contour design with natural casual accessories, should and this year's Fashion Week show season trend. This season series of black, hemp gray mainly tone, the overall style of fashion and not lost. At the same time, its soft and comfortable material and functional leading contour design, also for this series injected youthful sports elements. 〉with the coming of July, the atmosphere of London Olympic Games is becoming stronger and stronger, and athletes from all over the world are going to Lon Cheap foamposites for sale don for the final preparations for the war. This global sports event has not only attracted the attention of the people all over the world, but also led to the joint development of the sporting goods industry and sports market. In addition, this will contribute to the emergence of a nationwide movement after the Beijing olympics. in the past, the movement has been viewed as limited to students, the younger generation category. When the "life is movement" in twenty-first Century the most vitality slogan spread, people began to pay more and more attention to the movement of health and vitality. mobile brand sports shoes show youthful new fashion with the improvement of living standards, with people's pursuit of life enrichment, movement is no longer a patent for young people, but spread to the children, the elderly and other people. The rise of movement, promote the prosperity and development of the sporting goods market, and in this one, as one of the sports shoes sports equipment indispensable, and therefore also become one of the businesses scramble for market resources. after 08 years Beijing Olympic Games, our countr cheap foamposites y's sports market competition already presented the intense white hot competition situation. Today, the international sports brand will be China's market as the main battlefield of marketing, making the original competition situation more intense. Under the impetus of competition, a group of outstanding sports shoes enterprises and brands have sprung up in the sports market. Mobile sports shoes Jinjiang City Heng to Footwear Company Limited is one of the most typical representative. is a footwear enterprise R & D, production and sales as one of the development trend of constant to the footwear industry with keen insight into the market insight into the footwear market, this will be the main direction in the orientation of sports and leisure series. With the sports shoe market hot sales, in order to provide consumers with the best sports shoes, shoes to the constant integration of useful resources, to create a "mobile" brand sports shoes, creating a unique brand characteristics. in order to gain more market share, highlighting the brand image of "youth fashion" mobile sports shoes, shoes to constant maximum benefit well verse jordans on sale online d in "Star" can bring in, after careful planning, hired a Taiwan popular idol artist Danson Tang as mobile brand spokesperson. as a result the mobile sports shoes in product design stage into the popular elements of fashion, dynamic, the sports shoes under the premise of supreme quality, strengthen the brand mark in the minds of consumers, and won the praise of market. with the constant upgrading of the domestic sports shoes consumption potential, as well as the international sports brand on the domestic market wantonly impact, China's sports shoes enterprises are facing greater pressure of competition. Although the mobile brand sports shoes has made impressive achievements, but in the future development should also follow the market trend and the pace of development, in order to win in the market to achieve a space for one person movement, length 〉 famous American rapper Big Sean and Adidas Originals this year has been maintained good cooperation, after the launch of several joint Pro Models, in the upcoming September 13th, the two sides will launch the new Metro and Big joint Attitude, Sean also recently tempted ex Retro jordans for sale citement, blew up a on foot shot, black color collocation is really vamp handsome tide! Nike Free Flyknit NSW "Triple Black" color matching is now on sale at 2016-01-22 11:06:19 Nike again for the Free Flyknit launched a new color, the designer to black through the whole, Flyknit shoes with Free 5 outsole, in providing excellent permeability, but also to make the comfort of shoes has been guaranteed. Although still in winter, but the spring is already far away, preparing a set of spring equipment, at this time is a good time. It is reported that the shoes have been officially on sale, number 599459-005. adidas Stan Smith "Cool Granite" brand new color will be on sale at 2015-11-13 11:54:29 a new color matching Stan Smith appeared! The shoes are the continuation of the classic shape design, white shoes, with the details of the gray, low-key, pure atmosphere. In this season, the color is very bleak today, such a youthful vitality of shoes more suitable for you. It is reported that the shoes will be fully available for sale item for S75075, interested friends may wish to look at. The Welfare Club is a special column for Sina running and running online with friends. The Welfare Club is a feature column built by Sina running and interactive with online friends. Since its opening, it has been sought after. Now multi period in the WeChat platform, sent out all kinds of awesome prizes. To cool running equipment, please pay attention to our! the weather gets warmer, the recovery of all things, the factor of moving body have ready to start a new plan, running, running on roads, parks, track and field, do not care about where to run, and who is to run, run happy. Today, the Welfare Club brings PEAK's latest running suit. awards set PEAK running suit: 5 sets of Yue run four generation running shoes in the "running Le infinite" concept of running, PEAK's new "Yue run four generation" running shoes will bring you back to the original intention of running - the pursuit of health, pleasure and body and mind. Yue running series of running shoes equipped with "multi-core Resilience Technology" in the "Yue run" four generations of the show, extending the structure of the principle of slow vibration. Scientific design of the hollow slow shock unit, in the effective implementation of lightweight shoes at the same time, running quickly rebound effect increased by 30%. It is worth mentioning that, "in the forefoot part elastic multi core technology" in the four generation Wyatt ran the setting, the independent structure about segmentation, further strengthen the lateral shoes easy to bend and flexibility. Yue ran four generations, followed by the use of a double density midsole, and a cup package, to enhance the heels of the heels of the shock and stability. Yue runs four generation running shorts PEAK Wyatt ran the four generation "professional running shorts ushered in a series of comprehensive upgrade, based on the unified use of P-COMPRESSION elastic functional fabrics, for men and women of different sports demand, professional distinction design, so as to enhance the movement of different sex runners experience. Yue run four generation short sleeve T-shirt new PEAK Wyatt ran the four generation "series running short sleeved T-shirt selected popular runners from" P-ICE "ice sense technology fabric, bring the comfortable cool consistent from beginning to end for the runners, bound and free of sweat, enjoy the fun of running. At the same time, in order to enhance the runner's night running safety, T-shirt shoulder, left and right sides, neckline and chest LOGO add eye-catching 3M reflective elements, strengthen the night dim light running safety, for running friends escort". draw conditions (two sets): 1, concern Sina running, WeChat public number: sinarunning 2, forwarding this activity WeChat article, screenshots to Sina running WeChat public number, say your love run complex, we will announce the list of winners in April 25th. recruitment of judges (three sets): 1, send personal information to the mailbox: xinlangrunn〉Stussy Deluxe recently from the California Baxter of California fragrance experts launched a natural fragrance candle, the candle with 100% soybean wax, and the fresh fig leaf, developed a fresh touch of fragrance, placed in a small glass jar for decoration, burning time can be up to 60 hours, the appearance of more use Stussy Deluxe olive green luxury packaging, gifts or in home decoration is the best, have the intention to buy friends in online store to buy.

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