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The fusion of fashion and leisure shoes two styles in design, simple shoe body exudes a unique a.p.c style, but don't look down because of the appearance of this pair of shoes, in the upper material on the top made of calfskin leather shoes, which not only has shiny texture but not because of strong influence the sole with rubber foot, build comfort is effectively guaranteed, minimalist appearance and comfortable foot feeling, are selected for their shoes friends try. 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In the world there are thirteen kinds of Qigong, the specific function of human body is familiar: fasting, " this is the first day of the new year, today is Vans in the spring of 2015 the first batch of new products on time, and a pair of new series to join the big family of Vans, it is Vans Pro Skate's TNT line of professional skateboard shoes SG! Vans TNT is famous for Tony Trujillo to create a slippery hand? Signature shoes, after the development of several generations, as the TNT has been selling 5 skateboard shoes, shoes as main Tony Trujillo skateboard style hot hot. 2015, Vans and Tony? Trujillo produced a new signature shoes TNT SG, some of the features of this pair of shoes lasted 5 TNT, retained the classic Sidestripe stripes, walk the line in front of the fringe and TNT 5 are very similar, while TNT and SG on the side, toe increases the number of new the car line, thereby improving the body of the shoe firm degree, and make it better adapt to the plate strength, in some key parts, also adopts the double car line. At the same time, in order to give more protection to the ankle, heightening the upper TNT SG Vans height, essential, also uses the high strength UltraCush HD cushioning insole, Duracap reinforcement technology. The tongue is written on the subject? Tony Trujillo signature, Sidestripe also comes with Vans lateral flags. The sale of Vans TNT SG , the collocation of three kinds of colors, red, blue, black. The price is 595 RMB. red number: VN-0ZSNFRV; VN-0ZSNFQJ; black blue item: item: VN-0ZSNBA2 WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogcooperation wave in the shoes ring is really growing, the recent LA tide brand Stampd hand in hand with Puma, bringing R698 modeled on a joint shoe. shoes style follows the Srampd consistent minimalist style, using gray and beige based color, and selected suede combined leather, vamp. and tongue and insole were printed with the words Stampd, cortical bag and shoes, make sense of luxury strive for further improvement of ~ to commemorate the famous basketball coach KAY YOW, NIKE, especially in last year launched the THINK PINK do not note basketball shoes, and many mainstream styles, such as ZOOM, KOBE, IV, HYPERDUNK, ZOOM, SOLDIER 3, etc., have this version. Now Nike has released the latest THINK PINK for HYPERDUNK 2010, is still the symbol of the pink color, but the latest "pink diamond" to wait until next year before the listing of.

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