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Nike Sportswear launched a new deep purple color Khaki / Nike Lunar Chenchukka QS new type of shoes, a combination of chukka design and Lunarlon technology, the shoe body to perforation deep Khaki suede material very high permeability effect of color, even in summer can feel comfortable and fast, the yellow line and laces and dynamic flying the shoe body color is almost similar. While purple and purple and white followed by Lunarlon in the end, steady low-key revealing infinite vitality, decorative colored rubber soles, provides strong wear resistance and skid resistance. The new product will soon b cheap jordan shoes for men e fully available, and the friends you like will be able to take care of it. Harris Tweed is actually a special made of wool. It was founded in Scotland, England in 1909. This kind of British traditional fabric is made from pure wool and vegetable dyes. Recently, Harris Tweed and several of the world's top footwear brands and cooperation, and this is with the world renowned Converse joint special Harris Tweed, retained maxmara corduroy, white rubber toe catch converse classic, all British leisure style. 2012-11-30 08:54 upload and download attachments (154.49 KB) 2012-11-30 08:54 upload download Retro jordans for sale attachment (89.24, KB) CHOCOOLATE x La A dream surprise by the September 29th grand debut to celebrate the "Dora A dream" was born in 100th anniversary, and from 2112 for the first time: CHOCOOLATE mechanical cat "future Dora A dream" in September, is also the "Dora A dream" launched by the surprise birthday month, is bound to become the focus of the two brands of supporters! The series a total of 3 tee shirt, blue designer "Dora A dream" for signature: CHOCOOLATE black and white polka dots, fusion two brand characteristics, feeling fresh and interesting. In addition to the "Dora A dream", of c cheap foamposites ourse, have him good friends, print tee T-shirt, panghu, also saw the main characters such as "big picture" Shizuka, once fans meet their desires! : CHOCOOLATE x La A dream by series accessories are also very rich, cap cap "Dora A dream" face for the pattern, design is also in line with the distinctive CHOCOOLATE style, designers also create new styles, on the cap with a removable "bamboo dragonfly" with the theme, believe that will arouse many supporters of childhood memories; "La A dream" Babolat bag plus fun stereo "Dangdang", cute and practical. "Welcome to LA A dream" has been popular in diffe Retro jordans for sale rent ages, is by the time series in addition to men and women, with children, meet his childhood fantasy! for the occasion, this series of specially introduced special edition printed "Dora A dream" 100 years before the birth of Logo wave print tee offering 20 Limited Edition t-shirt. Limited quantity, brand supporters must not miss! (sold only in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road. wave point, print, tee shirts, 20 pieces, limited sale : CHOCOOLATE x DORAEMON GWP discount since September 29th, where the customer to specify: CHOCOOLATE: CHOCOOLATE brand shop to buy goods and lifestyle all goods (exclu Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ding non brand clothes and shoes of goods: CHOCOOLATE ); with net $600 (with a single invoice calculation, form must have 2 or more: CHOCOOLATE goods), you can receive a free CHOCOOLATEx DORAEMON: a small bag; with net ($1000 (with a single invoice calculation, one must have 2 or more: CHOCOOLATE goods), you can receive a free CHOCOOLATEx DORAEMON causeway to burn a pillow. small bag & tongluoshao pillow : CHOCOOLATE x "Dora A dream" by the series in 2012 recommended custom version of the shoes can restore some of the classic first shoes, and will become a bright decoration modification of cheap jordans online new products, overwhelmed by the design of a new Revive Nike Air Force 180 Pump "The Admiral" customized version of new products, this shoe body with white leather as the main material, collocation of navy blue suede shoes tongue, fender and Swoosh and lining and laces, white midsole collocation of navy blue MAX followed by AIR technology, the most decorated with a red light is dazzling Pump ankle pump technology and laces pores and base. The design of Nike Dunk Low but not low. used though not especially original weaving lines, but in the green and red color is really there is a big breakthro cheap jordans for sale mens ugh. White toe also makes the design more prominent. But whether it is the choice of what color are suitable for summer the breath of the tone, and the expression of. at a glance will textureModel: : buy download (33.42 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (45.27 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (84.98 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (94.02 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (84.76 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (46.14 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (80.04 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low download (85.04 KB)2009-5-21 Nike Dunk Low The French brand Kitsune and Edison C Cheap air jordans for sale han in charge of brand CLOT cooperation retro short body protection coat The French brand Kitsune was founded in 2002, the two founder Gildas Loaec and Masaya shuttle over the years in music and fashion, in the industry renowned, Gildas worked with world famous electronic combination Daft Punk cooperation. Based on the craze of fashion for two people, Kitsune has always regarded music as the brand design concept. With music has many units as music behind the scenes, and Party of rich experience, Kitsune will be within the reach of musical elements in fashion as a media presentation; simplicity cheap jordans for sale unique style to all kinds of music like nature itself, the spirit of thorough visual abstraction. Kevin Poon achieved by tide (Pan Shiheng) and Edison Chen (Edison Chan) founded the fashion brand CLOT, with good fusion of street culture and fashion into a distinctive fashion trend is known, the product is Chinese wind masterpiece. Gu many famous brands since the foundation of CLOT and the rest of the world, but also including the artists and fashion units. Edison, who loves music, has released albums and related costumes for different musicians from time to time to promote Hongkong's music and tre Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nd culture in the name of brand. Kitsune2011 autumn and winter 60s Western clothing as a design spindle, and the CLOT x Kitsune series is also derived under the same concept, and more emphasis on mature and appropriate adult style. In the series of short military coat, ruled Oxford shirt, patchwork shirt and twill trousers spinning quilts etc. relaxing and generous clothing to design, the use of high-quality materials with tailored and details of the 60s. Among the patchwork shirt using common in 60s color, blue and pink. No matter in the blue coat or a lining in the only match in jeans denim white or khaki, can easily naturally penetrate American retro style. ruled quilt (left) (right), Oxford cloth shirt twill trousers in October 6, 2011, the Kitsune team will visit Hongkong, in conjunction with CLOT jointly organized by the grand music party, for the celebration of the birth of a series of cooperation! Is the night in addition to the Kitsune team, CLOT will invite all the friends to attend the game. CLOT and Kitsune both hope that night party, everyone infected with music, so that everyone can feel the fashion and music can not be divided or links, and then the concept of music X fashion push Chen Jiguang. The evening party is France and Hongkong music culture to the melting furnace! Various styles of electronic music will be played all night long, ensuring that everyone present is fully committed and happy. 〉Wiz Khalifa x Converse joint sale information 2014-08-22 12:42:50 popular rapper Wiz Khalifa once again before and Converse work together to create two sneaker. Both sides designed a new version of the shoes Chuck Taylor All Star ILL as the blueprint, using black and white leather to create shoes, through the shoe hole on the "Wiz" sign special identity. At present, two shoes can be purchased from foreign online stores, priced at $70. 〈br asics="" gel="" lyte="" v="" tandori="" exotic="" perfume="" spice="" 2017-02-07="" 14:32:03 in the past few quarters, Asics has launched Tandori Spice series shoes in autumn and winter, and this time, Asics launched a new Gel Lyte V Tandori Spice shoes this spring. The shoe body presents with the color of the deep and soft suede, and the color of the outsole and the midsole echoes with the shoes, just right. The shoes are now on shelves, the price is 120 dollars, like friends may act as soon as possible.

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